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I was looking through Drew’s images of Prue on Flickr (he/we take a photo of her everyday, if you have some time go browse the images, there are many gems like this one!) and felt I needed to post this image.  Those of you that know and love Prue probably won’t be surprised by this photo at all.  It makes complete sense.  Those of you that don’t know Prue are probably wanting to meet her now.

Let me dissect the image and give you some back story.

She was given a hand me down tricycle and this helmet was part of it.  She is too little to ride the bike (she can’t reach the peddles) but she can absolutely wear the helmet!  She wants to put it on all the time.  I have had to attempt wearing it before as well.  Being that is has been so hot & humid here she often hangs out in just her diaper.  I wore those shoes to my cousins wedding not too long ago, they have been downstairs waiting for me to put them away.  She has decided they are one of her favorite toys.  She happily walks around the house in them (as well as other high heels).  She does really well walking in them too, all you hear is *clunk, clunk, clunk* and then sometimes her saying *walk, walk, walk*

Prue wearing high heels

She is constantly making us laugh & we love her for that.  Now you can laugh with us.  She will be 2 at the end of September & will be having a shoe themed party :)

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