Brittany + Luke | 10.10.10 Hawthorne Hotel, Salem MA

Brittany & Luke were married on 10.10.10.  Luke, you never have any excuse about not being able to remember your anniversary :)  We spent the day at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem MA.  Brittany got ready at the Hotel (the ceremony & reception) were also at the Hotel.   I spent some time with the ladies in the morning while Drew hung out with the guys for a bit.  Brittany & Luke met out in Utah, where Luke is from.  Brittany went out to Utah after college for a little adventure & ended up finding the “one”.  Brittany is from Gloucester so a Northshore wedding it was.  It was fun to shoot a wedding in Salem, Drew & I use to live in Salem (SSC alums, though it’s now SSU).  Drew also use to work at the Hawthorne Hotel so we were very familiar with the location!

Enjoy your preview Brittany & Luke, we had a great time hanging out with you & shooting your wedding :)

Drew took the guys outside for a bit before the ceremony.  They did some shots over in the Commons (where we all went after the Ceremony for some more shots)

I love this one of Brittany’s nieces holding hands.  It was a quick moment while we were upstairs getting ready.  I wasn’t sure if I got it and was happy to see I did & that I was in the right spot to capture it too.  The Hawthorne is an older Hotel so the rooms are smaller then what a newer hotel would have.  With everyone getting ready there wasn’t too much space for me to move around.

Drew captured this shot.  There are three windows looking into the Ballroom, the girls we sneaking a peek before the ceremony started.

It was the annual Zombie Walk on that Sunday.  While taking formal shots in the commons we were overcome by Zombies.  I was ready to have to yell at them for ruining my shots, but they walked through the commons without coming over to where we were shooting.  As you can see there were MANY zombies!  We were able to have Brittany & Luke run down and pose with the zombies in the background.  We also got a few shots with a few zombies up close, they asked if they could pose with Brittany & Luke, it was kind of cute in a weird way. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the image on the left is Drew’s favorite (I’ll correct it if I’m wrong) I love Brittany’s expression in this one :) We nabbed a Salem Pedicab for a few shots.  They driver was really great and let us shoot on it & even move the pedicab a bit because it was in the direct sun & was too bright to shoot.   This is my favorite candid moment :) Brittany got a top hat & cane for her Grandfather to wear during the reception, in hopes he would sing with the band.  He didn’t end up singing with the band, but he loved sporting the hat & he was dancing up a storm for quite some time! They had a photobooth that printed 2 strips one to keep & one to put in a guestbook.  We will soon be offering a “photobooth” of sorts, though the setup is a little different.  We are currently offering it at a discounted rate while we try it out & perfect it.  Email us if you are interested! Then it was time for DANCE PAHHTY!  (This is our good friend Jess & one of our photography cheerleaders)  We love her, she is always a good time!! The band, Wildfire, definitely got everyone out on the dance floor!

The Details of Brittany & Luke’s Salem, MA Wedding

Makeup | ?
Florist | A Bella Mia
Cake | Montellios Bakery
Dress |  Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaid Dress|  ?

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  1. Kelli Hartley

    These are some of the BEST wedding photos I have ever seen!! You got some absolutely amazing shots of my two little girls (Brittany’s neices). Thank you!!!

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