365 Days of Prue

This project truly is a labor of love on Drew’s part, though I did help out here and there.  We took a photo of Prue everyday for the entire year.  Enjoy the 2 videos I made (all those images in one video is way too many so I decided to split them into 2).

The First Half of 2010

The Second Half of 2010

I have to put a disclaimer and say that this isn’t every single photo (though it is close) I tried to find the longest songs and still not every image fit. I’ve redone the videos several times, I think this is as good as it gets!

Here is the last photo of 2010 (that didn’t make it into the video)

4 thoughts on “365 Days of Prue

  1. Kathy Van Riper

    What a beautiful idea. You both are so talented with the photography. Pru is such a beautiful and lucky little girl.

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