Brennan’s Tinkerbell Birthday Party by Little Miss Princess Parties | Personal

Prue is in the midst of birthdays this month!  It seems all her little friends have birthdays in January & February.  Last Saturday we went to a 2nd birthday party where Tinkerbell made a special appearance.  Those of you who know Prue, know she loves “Bell”.  She was super excited to go to the party & got to wear her Bell Halloween costume again.

We were just guests, but of course I brought my camera and as soon as Tinkerbell appeared I went into photo mode trying to capture the kids fun and excitement, they had a blast with Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell started out by reading the kids a couple of stories.  You can see the birthday girl assisting Tinkerbell :)  The kids did a really great job sitting and listening to the stories.

After the stories it was time for a fashion show.  Most of the kids dressed up in their favorite princess costumes.

Next it was time for a dance party!  It isn’t a successful party without a dance party.  The kids had an awesome time getting down with Tinkerbell.  She had them all doing different moves and then they had a chance to freestyle.

Finally it was crafty time.  The kids all decorated little frames and a photo with Tinkerbell.

Right before Tinkerbell left she gave the birthday girl a special ring that she brought for her.  It was a great party for sure.   The kids all seemed to have a great time and they were all so cute dressed up in their costumes.  Prue loved meeting Tinkerbell and all day after the party she asked when we were going to see Bell again.

If you want to book Tinkerbell for your party (or a variety of other characters) check out Little Miss Princess Parties.  They offer Alice in Wonderland, Pirate Parties, Fancy Nancy, the list goes on & on.  You can have them do the entire party for you or  just have the character visit.   Chelsea (Tinkerbell) did a great job with the kids.