Prue 52 Weeks 1-4 | Personal Portraits

We have been taking photos of Prue everyday for the past 2 years.  This is January was the start of the 3rd year we will have a photo of Prue everyday.  Drew is the one who is in charge of this project.  I occasionally help out and take the photos, but it is mostly Drew.  He is the one that selects the photo for the day and edits most of them.

You can find past years photos on Drew & Prue’s flickr accounts.  The first year we create a calendar using all of the images (each month was the images from the past year).  You can see those here.

This year I created 2 videos using animoto, they were posted on the blog.  You can find them here.

Drew has decided to upload the photos to his flickr account as a week’s worth of images.  He usually uploads them on Sundays (I think that is the correct date, though I don’t know for sure).  He mentioned to me that it would be cool to pick one fave image each week and blog it.  Here are the images from the first 4 weeks.

Week 1

Week 2Week 3Week 4

One thought on “Prue 52 Weeks 1-4 | Personal Portraits

  1. Tracy Dapp

    she is just way too cute! look at those gorgeous blue eyes pop in that photo and little miss diva with her handbag…now if that was a Coach bag I’d really have been impressed! :)

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