Wedding Wednesday Etsy Finds | Winter Weddings

We are being blasted by lots of snow here in Massachusetts today.  I don’t even want to look out the window!  Luckily working from home most days means I don’t have to go out in the snow, unfortunately having a 2 year old who isn’t at daycare because of the snow makes working from home a bit difficult.  I am going to do what I can today since Drew is also home (Hunt’s is closed for the day) and then enjoy staying warm inside with Prue.

Being in the middle of winter makes me think about winter weddings.  It definitely isn’t the busiest time for weddings in New England, but some couples do decide to take the plunge during the colder months.  Drew just second shot a wedding with our friend Kate (of Kate Guillette Photography) on 1.1.11.  The bride was smart and was prepared with a winter cape, but the bridesmaids weren’t as lucky and were left a little chilly (even though it was warmed then normal that day)

I think this bride did a great job by being prepared for the weather and having a white cape to compliment her dress.  I think it would have been even better if she had also thought about her bridesmaids and had them all had short caplets that complimented their dresses and the colors of the wedding.

You want those great outdoor photos with the snowy landscape right?  Then you want your bridal party to be warm enough to take a few photos outside.  You don’t want them walking around in mismatched winter jackets!

I found 2 etsy shops that have some great options for capes, caplets & muffs (your flower girls will look adorable sporting a little muff)

First we have Vladana (who on a funny note lives in Arizona)

Off-White Mink Fur Shawl

Off-White Mink Fur Shawl from Vladana


Dusk Pink Wrap from Vladana

Next we have some capes from Julie’s shop Sewudesigns from California

Faux Fur Winter Wedding Cape Capelet   Available ONLY in Ivory  or  Black Grooved Faux Fur

Faux Fur Winter Wedding Capelet from Sewudesigns

Faux fur Winter Wedding Cape capelet with matching muff for Flower Girl Jr Bridesmaid

Capelet & Muff for flower girl from Sewudesigns

Other options if you are planning a winter wedding are getting your bridesmaids each a pashmina that matches the wedding colors.  A pashmina isn’t going to be quite as warm as a capelet, but it is better then nothing at all.

Have a great snow day to all our friends in Massachusetts (and New England)!