Visit to the New England Aquarium | Personal

On Monday Prue, myself, Auntie Mel & Auntie Alicia met up in Boston to go to the New England Aquarium.  Alicia had the great idea because the aquarium just opened up a new touch tank for sharks & rays (we didn’t touch any of them though because Prue being a 2 year old couldn’t keep her hands still enough for them to come near her).  It was also a perfect opportunity for us to take the train into Boston.  We pass under the train tracks in Lowell on our way to daycare so Prue has been excited to ride the “purple train” for awhile.  We met up with Mel at North Station and then walked over to the aquarium where we met up with Alicia.  We got to see the seals, the penguins, and lots of fish!!  My favorite was the sea turtle :)

Prue had lots of fun and even though it was “Marathon Monday” where we were in the city wasn’t too crazy.  It was lots of fun and I was wiped when we got home.

Waiting for the train, Prue decided to take her shoes off.  The other people that were waiting kept laughing at her.

She was so excited to see the train.  I’m glad we waited up above in the walkway so she could really see the train coming in.  

She had fun looking out the window and playing with her little princess toys.

Once we met up with Mel we had to go “park” her bike.  Prue of course wanted to ride her bike. Prue loved looking at the seals, though at first I think she was a little nervous.  She quickly realized they couldn’t get to her and then she relaxed.

Mel was waving her hands above the water which the penguins would follow.  They were trying to get the shadows that were made form Mel’s hand.  Prue thought this was really funny.

It was a great trip into Boston and lots of fun.


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