Wedding Wednesday Etsy Find | Sugar Robot

Each week I do a search of the Wedding category on Etsy to see what new items have been added.  Sometimes I spend lots of time searching through the pages and other times I find something interesting really quickly.  This week it was a matter of minutes.  I was browsing Weddings & then clicked on the sub category of Cake Toppers when I came across the sugar wafer butterflies of Sugar Robot.  What I love so much about this find is you don’t have to use these only for a wedding.  These could be used for a child’s birthday party that is butterfly themed or even a bridal shower.

Here is what Lisa, the owner of Sugar Robot says in her etsy profile:

Behind every sugar robot there’s a sweet chick.
That would be me, Lisa. I live and create out of Ventura, Ca. I’m an aspiring Chemist who has a passion for baked goods. I took my first decorating class over 8 years ago and have been hooked ever since.
“Making the world fun… cupcake at a time”


Edible Butterflies - Assorted Pink and Purple - set of 30

I love this assortment of purples & pinks.  So pretty.  Edible Garden Party  set of 24 White

I think the white could be really pretty on a cream colored cake, something very monochromatic or even another color, I’m not really loving it with the red, but I love the simplified shapes of these butterflies.

Edible Butterflies - Small Assorted Pink and PurpleEdible Butterflies - Assorted Blue set of 30

The butterflies are gorgeous and not terribly expensive.  They are a lot of bang for the buck for sure!!  Head on over to Sugar Robot and check out these lovely butterflies as well as the other sugar items she has in her shop (leaves, bugs, flowers)