Jill’s just for fun shoot | Portrait Session

This is Drew’s cousin Jill.  We obviously love her :) She’s got super cute style & duh, I love her red hair!  She just graduated from High School and will be attending college in the Fall.  We headed down to Fall River to visit Drew’s family & because I was attending Katie (our bride from this past weekend) bachelorette party in Newport RI.  We met up with Jill for a fun photo shoot in Fall River.  Our nephew Joseph came along with us too for the shoot & captured some of these images.  Joseph is in High School & has developed a love for photography (I like to think Drew & I have something to do with it!).  Whenever we get the chance we invite Joseph to come shoot with us :) This is an image Joseph captured! I loved this location.  It’s the train tracks that Drew use to hang out at when he was younger & lived in Fall River.  The trees offered some nice coverage from the sun, but then would peak out and offer that perfect hair light.  Jill is such a great model.  You have to rarely direct her, most of the time she just naturally does things.  I love this images below of her just playing on the tracks.  This is another amazing location near Drew’s parent’s house.  There are lots of old mill buildings in Fall River (kind of like Lowell).  I could shoot here everyday.  I loved this location too! I loved this old door we found.  Joseph went searching for cool locations while we were shooting at the mill.  This was right behind the mill building, but was typically locked up.  The gate was open so we ventured in.  The owner (who was in his garage checking out his many cars let us shoot in this location.  It was funny because he first saw just Joseph & Jill, he yelled something at them & drove over to us.  Then I spoke to him and explained what we were doing & he was cool.  I think it totally had to do with us not being kids. I love these images of Jill picking flowers.  Drew added a film effect using a Nik Software plugin.  Nik Software gave us their plug-in’s to play around with.  We are still getting to know all the things the software can do, but so far I like some of the things we can do with it.  They offer a variety of plug-ins that you can use with lightroom & with photoshop. Here is a little behind the scenes action.  Me standing on the car to get the shots of Jill on the fire escapes.  Drew captured the image of Joseph and I from the fire escape & then Joseph posing with Jill at the end of the shoot.  Thank you Jill for being an amazing model & to Joseph for hanging out and shooting with us!  It was lots of fun and we should do it more often :)