We’ve been featured on Design Aglow

We were featured on Design Aglow!!

If you are a photographer and you aren’t familiar with Design Aglow you need to head on over right now!  Design Aglow is a great resource for photographers.  They offer so many great products for photographers that help save you time and allow you to offer really great products for your clients.  We have a few of their frames and I (Amanda) totally covet so much more of the great products they offer.  Now that we’ve been featured I can get one of their products I covet!  We get a $75 for sharing how we use their products.

We use their hand-drawn frames in design work for clients all the time as well for cards for our business.  We also use them on our website.  They offer just the right amount of whimsy.  We love them!  So head on over to the Design Aglow blog and check out our little write up :)