Best Friend Session | Parlee Farms Tyngsboro

I had a fun time hanging out with these 3 beautiful young ladies back in the Fall.  It was a unseasonably warm day and felt more like summer.  The girls were great and worked it out despite the heat.  The session was a gift for Lext (the lovely Brunette in the middle of the first set of images) and she decided to bring along 2 of her best friends.  I think this is such a great idea for a tween/teen girl that you don’t know what to get for her.  Her Aunt and I went to high school together and she approached me with the idea.  It was such a fun session idea and I look forward to shooting more best friend sessions!  The girls wanted to bring some sort of fun Prop.  Lexi’s Aunt found these glasses while out shopping.  I thought they were perfect (obviously!)

Thanks for a great session Girls!  :) Amanda

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