A new addition to the MrDrew Family | Personal

Our family of 3 is going to be a family of 4!!!! We are expecting our little nugget in early July, my Dad is hoping for a July 4th baby because that is his birthday! My friend Michelle, part owner of The Pink Pinwheel, wanted to make us some cupcakes to share the babies gender with our family & friends. It was a cute and yummy idea!   We of course snapped a few shots of the cupcakes.  Prue assisting Drew taking the photos of the cupcakes.

Finally the big reveal!  When you took a bite of the cupcake the color frosting indicated what we are having! 

We look forward to welcoming the littlest MrDrew to our family.  Prue is excited about having a baby brother.  She was a little hesitant at first (since she was sure it was a baby girl).  She sometimes still says baby girl, but after I remind her she corrects herself.   Lot’s of mustached baby items are definitely in our future!  I think I’m going to have to have an intervention with Drew, we’ve already bought 2 little outfits and both are green and grey with stripes.

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