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We love creating wedding albums and really encourage all of our couples to order a wedding album.  (We’ll delve into this topic more in another post).  Today we wanted to showcase one of the companies we offer albums from.  Kiss is a really great company (developed by photographers) with a really great product.  We offer both the leather and linen albums they offer (contact us to schedule a meeting so you can see these lovelies in person!).

Kiss Wedding albums come in 2 options.  There is the Leather Album (which we will showcase first) and the Linen Album.  Both albums come in a selection of 7 colors (we love the green and pink options, but there are also more traditional color choices like black, brown and white).  Each album comes in a lovely dust cover to protect it.  The fabric design sometimes changes, but it is always a black and white pattern.


Here you see our Leather sample.  This sample is a 10×10 album.  They come in 4 sizes 4×4, 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12.  The cover is a 100% full grain leather, selected for it’s strength and quality.  The leather albums are designed so that they lay flat and there is no cut at the middle of the spread.  It is created with what they call a mico-fold, not a cut this allows for the spreads to be designed across the middle without having to worry about a cut distracting from the design.

Each spread is a photographic print mounted to a hard substrate separating the images.  This creates a more substantial and thicker page (great for a wedding album!)  The linen albums (as you’ll see further down in the post) have a thinner page.  Instead of having a substrate that the pages are mounted to the linen albums pages are photographic prints glued back to back.  This is why they are thinner and less expensive.

Photos can bleed all the way to the edge of the page.  We love designing albums with a couple full bleed spreads that truly showcase your amazing images.


Here you can see the linen album (pink) with the leather album (green).  While the leather album makes a perfect wedding album, we also offer the linen because it is less expensive to produce and some clients might not want a leather covered album.  You can see in the images below how the pages are thinner then the leather album.  (The leather sample we show does have more spreads then the linen sample shown).

The linen albums still offer the micro-fold pages and are also photographic prints so the quality is still there.  It’s still a great option for a wedding album.  The other difference between the leather and linen albums is the linen albums open to the first spread while the leather albums have a black end sheet that you open too.

You can see the lay-flat binding and the mirco-fold in the image below.

Kiss albums offer true photographic prints in their albums, unlike press printed albums which use inks and print on paper (we feel press printed albums are a great choice for engagement guestbooks).  The quality is definitely miles above with a Kiss album.  An album using photographic prints will last longer then a press printed album.  They will not yellow like paper.   Wedding albums are meant to be heir looms, don’t you want it to last a lifetime and longer!

Each wedding album is custom designed to tell the story of your wedding day.  Each wedding is unique and is a special story, this is why each album is custom designed.  They start at 12 spreads (24 pages) and can go up to 40 spreads (80 pages).  We suggest most couples go with 20-30 spreads (40-60 pages) for their wedding album.  This way each spread isn’t too crammed with images and can really showcase your wedding.

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