Sara+Eric | Wedding | The Lodge at Little Seneca, Boyd’s Maryland

Drew and I had the honor of shooting my cousin Sara’s wedding a few weeks ago down in Maryland.  It was a fun filled family trip down to Maryland.  We made the trek with a van filled with my parent’s, brother and his fiance and our little lady Prue.  Yup, you read that right, we were the crazy family van making our way down to Maryland for the wedding.  It was totally worth it though!  We had a blast hanging out and celebrating with our family, along with being able to do what we love and capturing all their special moments.  Prue loved going to the wedding.  She still talks about “Sara & Eric’s wedding” all the time.  Just the other day we were driving and she told me she thought that was where Sara & Eric got married (clearly living in Massachusetts means we were no where near where they got married).

So this might be a photo heavy post…so what it’s my family and I’ll post lots of photos if I want too!!

Sara got the bridesmaids these super cute clutches.  I wanted to steal one :)

 I love this image of Eric right before they left the hotel to head over to the ceremony site.

There was lots of this all night long as you will see.

Sara was such a chill bride.  She didn’t want to Eric to see her before the wedding in her dress, but she was fine with seeing him before the wedding.  This was minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start.  Just hanging out laughing together.

Sara’s Aunt (on her Mom’s side) did all the flowers.  She did an amazing job with all the bouquets and centerpieces.  They were lovely.

The sun was out right before the ceremony.  We were worried about pending thunder storms all day, luckily while the sun disappeared for the wedding ceremony we were able to get through the ceremony and wedding portraits before it started to drizzle.

I love this angle Drew as able to capture of Sara walking down the aisle.  This is the benefit of having a wedding outdoors you have so much more space and can capture different angles.

Sara had a little trouble getting Eric’s ring on, it made for a cute moment!

You can see the dark clouds starting to creep in on us.  We rallied and got all the portraits done is a tiny amount of time.  I might have been running around like a crazy person but it got done so who cares.

My beautiful cousin Katherine, Sara’s sister showing off some more of the flowers.

The bridesmaids had a fun time hamming it up during photos!

Sara and Eric had one photo they really wanted.  It’s the one below.  They wanted to have Nick, one of the groomsmen photo bomb one of their images.  Nick did a great job nailing his part.

Sara & Eric brewed their own beer for the wedding.  Not being a beer drinker I didn’t try one, but I believe Drew enjoyed a couple of them :)

Sara’s mom, my Aunt Cris, is an avid quilter.  She has kindly made me a high school graduation quilt, a gorgeous wedding quilt, even quilts for Prue.  It was no surprise that she’d be making a wedding quilt for Sara & Eric.  Guests were able to write well wishes for the couple onto fabric which she will then create a quilt with.  Such a unique idea!!

Prue was very excited to have bubbles at the table to play with (thanks Sara).  She was also very proud of her escort card with her name on it :)  This was her first wedding and she had lot’s of fun.

I told you the guys partook in enjoying several shots through out the evening.  Eric was certainly having fun by the end of the night!  During family holidays (when we usually get to see Sara & Eric) he is usually very quiet, I have plans for busting out some shot glasses this year!

Had to throw in this sweet photo of my twin sister and Prue that I snagged of all places…in the ladies room. 

A yummy cannoli cake that Sara surprised Eric with.  There was also some other cakes and desserts for the rest of the guests.  Sara tipped me to the cannoli cake so I was able to make sure I snagged a piece of it before it was all gone.

We have a photo of all the girl cousins (minus Prue of course) from my wedding.  Sara wanted to make sure we got that same photo.

Then we decided we might as well allow the boy cousins in a photo as well.

I don’t know what was going on during these photos, I just knew I needed to document it.

Ending the evening with a special MrDrew Photo.  Thanks Sara & Eric for letting us celebrate with you.  We had a blast and it was totally worth the 9 hour drive :)  Love you both lots!


Venue | Lodge at Little Seneca

Officiant | Georgia A. Martin

Bridal Gown | I Do I Do Wedding Gowns 

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Bridemaid Clutches | Eclu, etsy shop

DJ | The Pro’s

Cake | Flowers Bakery Cafe 

Florist | Georgia Hicks

Photographers | MrDrew Photography :)

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