Best Images of 2012 | Wedding Edition

This is the hardest blog post to compile due to the number of weddings we’ve shot this year!  Then of course Drew and I sometimes disagree on which images to include.  He usually caves and lets me make the final selection :)  We love each and every couple we have had the honor of photographing this year and are excited to share some of our favorites.

We have all the different weddings mixed together but have them in order of a wedding day.  Starting with the anticipation of getting ready all the way through the end of the night when everyone in on the dance floor having a good time.  Enjoy our favorite wedding images of 2012!














































































Thank you to all our couples for such an amazing 2012!  We can’t wait to see what fun images and moments 2013 brings us.  Also keep an eye out for some full blog posts of some of our other weddings of 2012!  Not every wedding from this past year has made the blog just yet, but they will as we get caught up with our blog :)

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