Shirley+Brandon | Proposal | Boston Public Gardens

Thanks to the lovely Dawn of Bellaria Designs, (thanks for the referral girl!!) I had the honor of shooting a proposal a few weeks back. It’s our first one and it was so exciting, I can’t wait to shoot another one.

Brandon contacted me just a few days before he was planning on proposing. What ensued was lots of back and forth emails and phone calls to come up with the perfect plan. After discussing a variety of options Brandon decided on the Boston Public Gardens and selected the perfect spot near the pond. He had a couple friends involved who placed the special items (the bear and bottle of personalized m&m’s) on a bench in the gardens and I staked out a location nearby waiting for them to walk in. He texted me when they were on the way into the park and his friends hid. A few people tried to sit on the bench before they got too close, I was able to ask them leave, still right at the last second a man sat down on the bench, I saw Brandon & Shirley coming so I wasn’t able to ask him to move. Still no matter that little snafu, I’d say the proposal went off without a hitch!

Congrats on your engagement Shirley & Brandon, I hope you had a great time celebrating with Justin Timberlake & Jay-z (they went to the concert at Fenway that night!! I’d say that’s a perfect way to celebrate getting engaged!)




















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