Catie+Mike | Smith Barn Wedding | Peabody, MA

We had the honor of shooting Catie+Mike’s wedding in September at the Smith Barn in Peabody MA.  We’ve shot at the Smith Barn a few years ago and were excited to shoot at this venue again.  We didn’t get to take full advantage of the venue last time we shot there due to it being in November and the ceremony happening at another location.  This time we explored all parts of the venue and enjoyed a very warm day in September!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

We started the day getting ready at the Holiday Inn in Peabody.  I love this hotel for weddings because the suites are huge with lots of space for everyone to get ready.
catie+mike_0002 I love Catie’s vintage inspired earrings (she got them at Chantilly Place…the bridal shop where I also work during the week)catie+mike_0003 She got all the important ladies in the wedding party cute sweatshirts.  The Mom’s enjoyed sporting their’s while getting ready.  Catie had really sweet touches through out the day.  catie+mike_0004 catie+mike_0005 catie+mike_0006 The flowers were beautiful, the cream shades matched perfectly with Catie’s dress and the bridesmaids dresses too!catie+mike_0007 Catie is a hair dresser and owns Vanity Hair Salon in Wakefield.  Getting ready was full of the stylists all doing there thing.  I’d say it was the best looking bridal party for sure!  Everyone’s hair and makeup was perfect. catie+mike_0008 catie+mike_0009 catie+mike_0010 catie+mike_0012The guys had some fun while they were getting ready too :)catie+mike_0011catie+mike_0013 catie+mike_0014 catie+mike_0015 Catie got in on the hair styling as well doing the final touches to the hair of her friend/employee who had just finished doing her hair.  catie+mike_0016 catie+mike_0017 The guys headed over the Smith Barn early enough to hang out and shoot some portraits before the ceremony.  Catie and Mike didn’t opt to do a first look, so we did as many portraits of the guys and gals separately.catie+mike_0018 catie+mike_0019 catie+mike_0021catie+mike_0020catie+mike_0022 catie+mike_0023 Catie’s had her mom and mother in law help her put on her jewelry.  In the image below, I believe she’s putting on her grandmother’s ring.  Such a sweet moment :)catie+mike_0024 catie+mike_0025 The guys get to have fun while the girls are getting ready.  Here they are looking all badass during portraits before the ceremony.  catie+mike_0026 I love this image.catie+mike_0027 catie+mike_0028 catie+mike_0029 catie+mike_0030 catie+mike_0032catie+mike_0031A few portraits before we headed to the venue, Smith Barn.  catie+mike_0045catie+mike_0033 These are some lovely looking ladies for sure :) catie+mike_0034 Loved all the details at the reception.  Perfect for the rustic barn vibe.  I also love how the centerpieces were different.  catie+mike_0035 catie+mike_0036 catie+mike_0038catie+mike_0037Love the bridesmaids cowgirl boots!  Such a fun touch and perfect for the Barn atmosphere!  The ladies were comfy and able to get down all night long during the reception.  catie+mike_0039 catie+mike_0040 catie+mike_0041 catie+mike_0042 catie+mike_0043 catie+mike_0044catie+mike_0046 catie+mike_0047 catie+mike_0048 A special touch to the ceremony was Catie’s brother being the officiant.  He did a great job :)catie+mike_0049 catie+mike_0050 catie+mike_0051 catie+mike_0052 catie+mike_0053 Lot’s of tears during the ceremony.  It was very sweet to have Catie’s brother officiating the wedding. catie+mike_0054 catie+mike_0055 catie+mike_0056 After the ceremony it was time for couples portraits and wedding party portraits!!  We had a great time exploring the venue.  catie+mike_0057 catie+mike_0058 catie+mike_0059 catie+mike_0060 catie+mike_0061 catie+mike_0062 catie+mike_0063 catie+mike_0064 catie+mike_0066 catie+mike_0067 catie+mike_0068Such a beautiful early fall day.  I love September weddings for just this reason.  It also doesn’t hurt to have a lovely farm tucked into Peabody as your backdrop.
catie+mike_0069 catie+mike_0070 catie+mike_0071 catie+mike_0072Catie with her grandfather…aka Bamp :)
catie+mike_0073 catie+mike_0074 catie+mike_0075We finished up portraits right on schedule and then headed right into the reception.
catie+mike_0076 catie+mike_0077 The ladies delivered some amazing toasts :) The best man did a pretty great job on his too!  Lot’s of laughs during the toasts.  catie+mike_0078 catie+mike_0079Catie+Mike had a cigar bar for guests to enjoy out of the patio during the reception.  It was a big hit and everyone enjoying them.  It also made for a great ring shot.
catie+mike_0080 catie+mike_0081 catie+mike_0082 catie+mike_0083 catie+mike_0084 After the formal dances it was time for the party to start and the floor was jamming all night long!!catie+mike_0085 catie+mike_0086 catie+mike_0087 catie+mike_0088 catie+mike_0089 The Vanity Girls celebrating with Catie! (I think the image on the right needs to be on the salon’s website!!)catie+mike_0090 catie+mike_0091Thank you for letting us celebrate your wedding day with you, Catie & Mike.  We had such a great time!!


Venue: Smith Barn at Brooksby Farm

Bridal Gown: Casablanca Bridal from Chantilly Place

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff from Chantilly Place

Flowers: ?

Hair & Makeup: Vanity Hair Salon

DJ: East Coast Events




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