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Carla+John | Devens Common Center Wedding

Carla and John celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary this past October.  We posted some of their wedding on our facebook page but never did a full blog post.  Fall is always a crazy time of year with weddings and then squeezing portrait sessions in for the Holidays.   I figured now was as good a time as any to post their full blog post!

Carla and John were married at the Devens Common Center, in Devens MA.  It was a gorgeous fall day.  John and the guys got ready at Carla and John’s house.  Andrew spent the morning with them while I went to the see Carla and the bridesmaids getting ready at the hotel at the Devens Common Center.

Devens Common Center Wedding_0001 Carla made cute survival kits for the guys :)Devens Common Center Wedding_0002Drew got to drive to the venue with John.  I love these images from the drive.
Devens Common Center Wedding_0003 Carla had a fun colorful wedding.  Each bridesmaid wore different colored shoes and Carla had made ribbon wands for each of them. Devens Common Center Wedding_0004 Devens Common Center Wedding_0005 Devens Common Center Wedding_0006 Devens Common Center Wedding_0007 Devens Common Center Wedding_0008 Devens Common Center Wedding_0009 Devens Common Center Wedding_0010 Carla looking absolutely stunning!Devens Common Center Wedding_0011 Devens Common Center Wedding_0012 Devens Common Center Wedding_0013Devens Common Center Wedding_0015Devens Common Center Wedding_0016Devens Common Center Wedding_0017Devens Common Center Wedding_0018Devens Common Center Wedding_0019Devens Common Center Wedding_0020Devens Common Center Wedding_0014 Time for the first look.  Drew and John left the hotel before Carla and I.  We had found a location just down the road in Ayer.  It’s called the sweetheart memorial.  It’s right off Jackson Road.  It was a perfect location for the first look.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0021 Devens Common Center Wedding_0022 Love, love, love Carla’s bouquet.  A gorgeous fall mix of dahlias and zinnias.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0023 Devens Common Center Wedding_0024I just love this special moments during a first look.
Devens Common Center Wedding_0025 Devens Common Center Wedding_0026 Devens Common Center Wedding_0027 Devens Common Center Wedding_0028 Devens Common Center Wedding_0029Devens Common Center Wedding_0031 Devens Common Center Wedding_0032 Devens Common Center Wedding_0033 After the first look we headed back to the Devens Common Center for the ceremony.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0034 Devens Common Center Wedding_0035Devens Common Center Wedding_0037Devens Common Center Wedding_0036Carla put together so many amazing details for the wedding.  From the programs to the ribbon wands to the chocolate bar place cards.  Such a colorful and fun wedding!Devens Common Center Wedding_0038 Devens Common Center Wedding_0039 Devens Common Center Wedding_0040 Carla even made the ribbon backdrop for the ceremony.  She used our backdrop stand to hang the backdrop.  Then during the reception the backdrop transitioned to the backdrop for the Funbooth (our photo booth).  Devens Common Center Wedding_0041 Carla and John really customized the ceremony so it was special to them.  They surprised everyone with an adorable reading of the book “A lovely love story”.  One friend read the book (who happens to be my twin sister) while another friend held up the images from the book.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0042 Devens Common Center Wedding_0043 After the book John’s friends and bandmates played an amazingly sweet song dedicated to Carla and John.  It was a lovely way to make the ceremony personal and reflected Carla and John’s interests.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0044 Devens Common Center Wedding_0045 They finished the ceremony by a hand fasting ceremony using ribbons to match all the other fun ribbon details.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0046 Devens Common Center Wedding_0047 All the guests celebrated their marriage by waving the ribbon wands they were given at the beginning of the ceremony.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0048

After the ceremony we went back outside and captured some portraits with the wedding party!  The light was gorgeous and it was such a warm fall day.  We really lucked out.  Devens Common Center Wedding_0050 Devens Common Center Wedding_0051 Devens Common Center Wedding_0052 Devens Common Center Wedding_0053 Devens Common Center Wedding_0054 Devens Common Center Wedding_0055So many beautiful and amazingly colorful details for the wedding reception!
Devens Common Center Wedding_0056 Devens Common Center Wedding_0057 Devens Common Center Wedding_0058 Devens Common Center Wedding_0059 Devens Common Center Wedding_0060 Carla also made the cake toppers!  She definitely wins the award for craftiest bride!!Devens Common Center Wedding_0061 Devens Common Center Wedding_0062 Devens Common Center Wedding_0063 Devens Common Center Wedding_0064 Devens Common Center Wedding_0065Beyond the expected Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances, Carla also honored her mom by having a special dance with her.  They danced an adorable swing dance.
Devens Common Center Wedding_0066Devens Common Center Wedding_0067 Devens Common Center Wedding_0068 Devens Common Center Wedding_0069We ended the night with everyone on the dance floor having an amazing time!  I loved being able to relive the night while writing this blog post.  We had so much fun, thank you for letting us capture your wedding.  We are so happy to count you as friends.


Venue: Devens Commons Center

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: ?

Flowers: ?

Hair & Makeup: ?

DJ: ?

Photography: Mr+Mrs Drew Photography

Adorable DIY details: The AMAZING Bride!!

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