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Meg+Fraser | Holliston MA Wedding

At the beginning of August we spent a lovely day with Meg+Fraser capturing their wedding day! The Holliston Historical Society is a gorgeous venue.  Meg and her bridesmaids got ready at the house on the property and the reception was in the rustic barn.  Its such an amazing location, very unique.

Bike Run-2013_0101Holliston Wedding_0003Holliston Wedding_0002I loved Meg’s dress.  The lace was so delicate looking and absolutely perfect for her. The doorway to the house was a perfect place to hang it for some photos. 
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Drew started the day with the guys who were getting ready at Fraser’s parents house nearby.  Seeing the photos from the guys getting ready is always such a contrast from what the bride and the bridesmaids are doing.  Holliston Wedding_0005 Holliston Wedding_0006 Holliston Wedding_0007 Holliston Wedding_0008 Holliston Wedding_0009Holliston Wedding_0010 Holliston Wedding_0011 It’s obvious where Meg gets her crafty genes from.  Her mom took her own wedding dress and dyed it and altered it to wear. She looked amazing in it and you’d have had no idea it was her wedding dress.Holliston Wedding_0111Holliston Wedding_0012 Holliston Wedding_0013 Holliston Wedding_0014Holliston Wedding_0026Next it was time to put Meg’s dress on.  Her maid of honor helped.  I just love the expression on her Mom’s face.  Such a perfect moment. Holliston Wedding_0015 Holliston Wedding_0016 Holliston Wedding_0017Holliston Wedding_0018 I love Meg’s expression when everyone was asking her to wear her veil with the blusher.  Holliston Wedding_0019 Holliston Wedding_0020 The guys hanging out before the ceremony.  Drew spent some time with them shooting a few portraits before the ceremony. Holliston Wedding_0021 Holliston Wedding_0022 Holliston Wedding_0023 Holliston Wedding_0024 Holliston Wedding_0025Holliston Wedding_0036We had a little time before the ceremony so I shot some portraits of Meg with her bridesmaids and adorable ring bearer and flower girl!
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Meg, you are such a stunning bride!Holliston Wedding_0030 Holliston Wedding_0031 Holliston Wedding_0032 Holliston Wedding_0033 Holliston Wedding_0034 Holliston Wedding_0035 Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the ceremony.  Everyone got lined up, ready to go.Holliston Wedding_0037 Holliston Wedding_0038 Holliston Wedding_0039 Holliston Wedding_0040 Holliston Wedding_0041 Holliston Wedding_0042 Holliston Wedding_0043 Holliston Wedding_0044 Holliston Wedding_0045 Holliston Wedding_0046It was a sweet and heartfelt ceremony.  Meg+Fraser’s friend officiated the ceremony.  It’s always nice when you have a friend who will take on the challenge of officiating!  I’m sure it’s a very nerve-racking thing to do! 
Holliston Wedding_0047 Holliston Wedding_0048 Holliston Wedding_0049 Holliston Wedding_0050 Holliston Wedding_0051 Holliston Wedding_0052
I love this shot Drew got while Meg+Fraser exchanged rings.
Holliston Wedding_0053 Holliston Wedding_0054 Holliston Wedding_0055 Holliston Wedding_0056 Holliston Wedding_0057 Another great shot Drew got, it totally captures the moment of “We’re married!”Holliston Wedding_0058 Holliston Wedding_0059Meg was a total DIY bride!  The day was filled with so many lovely details! She made all of the flowers for the bouquets. 
Holliston Wedding_0060 Holliston Wedding_0061 Holliston Wedding_0062 Holliston Wedding_0063 Holliston Wedding_0064 Holliston Wedding_0065 Holliston Wedding_0066 Holliston Wedding_0067 Holliston Wedding_0068 Holliston Wedding_0069 Holliston Wedding_0070
Holliston Wedding_0071It was Fraser’s idea to play a little football during portraits.  I was shooting the girls portraits and turned around and had to get Meg in a couple of the shots!
Holliston Wedding_0072 Holliston Wedding_0073 Holliston Wedding_0074 Holliston Wedding_0075 Holliston Wedding_0076
We love, love, loved this little red house on the property!  So cute, and the perfect backdrop for some portraits.Holliston Wedding_0077 Holliston Wedding_0078 Holliston Wedding_0079 Holliston Wedding_0080 Holliston Wedding_0081Holliston Wedding_0082 Finally it was time to party! Holliston Wedding_0083 Holliston Wedding_0084 Holliston Wedding_0085Holliston Wedding_0086 Holliston Wedding_0087 Holliston Wedding_0088 Holliston Wedding_0089 Holliston Wedding_0090 Holliston Wedding_0091 Holliston Wedding_0092Many of Meg’s relatives have wedding rings made by the same company, Oakes Studio in New Hampshire.  They are all very proud of their rings (which are all gorgeous).  You can see the detail in Meg’s below!
Holliston Wedding_0093 Holliston Wedding_0097Holliston Wedding_0094 Holliston Wedding_0095 Holliston Wedding_0096 Holliston Wedding_0098 Holliston Wedding_0099 Holliston Wedding_0100Later in the evening the best thing ever happened!! They stated a soul train line.  I love a good soul train line.  It takes all I have to not drop the camera and bust out my best dance moves!
Holliston Wedding_0101 Holliston Wedding_0102 Holliston Wedding_0103 Holliston Wedding_0104 Holliston Wedding_0105 Holliston Wedding_0106 Holliston Wedding_0107 Holliston Wedding_0108 Holliston Wedding_0109

Thanks for an amazing day Meg+Fraser!  We wish a lifetime of happiness for you both! :)Holliston Wedding_0110


The Details!

Venue: Holliston Historical Society

Photographer: Mr+Mrs Drew Photography :)

DJ: Ron Auger

Meg’s Dress: Vow’s

Bridesmaids Dress: Alexia from House of Brides

Caterer:  Olivia’s Market (which was DELICIOUS!)

Cake: Confectionism

Flowers and Details: Meg! & Cherry Blossom (put all the flowers together!)


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