Kelsey+Bob’s Winter Engagement Session | Groton MA

Thanks to the never ending winter we had this year in New England. We were able to shoot Kelsey+Bob’s engagement session at the end of March and still have snow all over. ¬†Kelsey and Bob will be getting married this coming December and really wanted a snowy session. ¬†We met up with them at their friends house in Groton and it was the perfect backdrop for the session.

Enjoy the images & thanks for letting us capture this special time in your life Kelsey+Bob!

Kelsey+Bob_0002 Kelsey+Bob_0003 Kelsey+Bob_0004 Kelsey+Bob_0005 Kelsey+Bob_0006 Kelsey+Bob_0007 Kelsey+Bob_0008 Kelsey+Bob_0009 Kelsey+Bob_0010 Kelsey+Bob_0011 Kelsey+Bob_0012 Kelsey+Bob_0013Kelsey+Bob_0014Kelsey+Bob_0015Kelsey+Bob_0016Kelsey+Bob_0017 Kelsey+Bob_0018 Kelsey+Bob_0019 Kelsey+Bob_0020 Kelsey+Bob_0021 Kelsey+Bob_0022 Kelsey+Bob_0023 Kelsey+Bob_0024 Kelsey+Bob_0025 Kelsey+Bob_0026 Kelsey+Bob_0027 Kelsey+Bob_0028 Kelsey+Bob_0029 Kelsey+Bob_0030 Kelsey+Bob_0031 Kelsey+Bob_0032 Kelsey+Bob_0033 Kelsey+Bob_0034 Kelsey+Bob_0035 Kelsey+Bob_0036 Kelsey+Bob_0037 Kelsey+Bob_0038 Kelsey+Bob_0039 Kelsey+Bob_0040 Kelsey+Bob_0041 Kelsey+Bob_0042 Kelsey+Bob_0043 Kelsey+Bob_0044 Kelsey+Bob_0045 Kelsey+Bob_0001 Kelsey+Bob_0046 Kelsey+Bob_0047 Kelsey+Bob_0048

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