Chris+Mike | Wedding | Bristol RI

We spent a lovely warm day in August celebrating two people we love.  Mike and Chris are good friends of ours and when it was time for them to plan their wedding we offered to shoot the wedding as a gift.  We started the day off getting ready at a friends house.  It was a rare treat to shoot the getting ready together.  Usually Andrew and I split up at that time.

Mike_Chris_0001 Mike_Chris_0002 Mike_Chris_0003 Mike_Chris_0004 Mike_Chris_0005 Mike_Chris_0006 Mike_Chris_0007The morning was filled with many sweet moments of Mike and Chris helping each other get ready.
Mike_Chris_0008 Mike_Chris_0009 Mike_Chris_0010 Mike_Chris_0011 Mike_Chris_0012 Mike_Chris_0013 After they we’re all ready, it was time for a few quick photos with adorable Lola, dressed for the occasion.  Mike_Chris_0014 Mike_Chris_0015Once everyone was ready we all headed to the ceremony location at Colt State Park and the Chapel by the Sea.  It was a gorgeous day and we had time to take some portraits before the ceremony.  Colt State Park offers a gorgeous backdrop for photos.  We took advantage of the shade provided by the trees as it was very warm.  Mike_Chris_0016Chris and Milke kept the wedding party simple and each had one of their friends stand up for them.  Rayna and Chris have been friends since 5th greade.  Rayna was Chris’ first and last girl friend.  LeeAnne and Mike have known each other for many years.  Mike grew up with her husband Dave and his brother Rob.
Mike_Chris_0017 Mike_Chris_0018 Mike_Chris_0019 Mike_Chris_0020 Mike_Chris_0021 Mike_Chris_0022 We got in some portraits before the ceremony.  Taking advantage of the gorgeous location the Chapel by the Sea provides.  Mike_Chris_0023 Mike_Chris_0024 Mike_Chris_0025 Mike_Chris_0026 Mike_Chris_0027 Mike_Chris_0028 Mike_Chris_0029 Ahhh, How cute are these two?  We just love them!Mike_Chris_0030 Mike_Chris_0031 Mike_Chris_0032 Mike_Chris_0033 Mike_Chris_0034 Mike_Chris_0035 Finally it was time for the ceremony to state.  Mike’s cousin, Laura, officiated the ceremony.  She did an amazing job.  She put together a gorgeous journal for their vows. Mike_Chris_0036 Mike_Chris_0037 Mike_Chris_0038 Mike_Chris_0039 Mike_Chris_0040 Mike_Chris_0041 Mike_Chris_0042 Mike_Chris_0043 The ceremony was filled with touching moments as well as laughter.  The perfect combination for a ceremony.  Mike_Chris_0044 Mike_Chris_0045 Mike_Chris_0046 Mike_Chris_0047 Mike_Chris_0048 Mike_Chris_0049 Mike_Chris_0050 Mike_Chris_0052 Mike_Chris_0051Mike_Chris_0053 Mike_Chris_0054 Mike_Chris_0055 Mike_Chris_0056 Mike_Chris_0057 Mike_Chris_0058 Mike_Chris_0059 Mike_Chris_0060 Mike_Chris_0061 Mike_Chris_0062 Mike_Chris_0063 Mike_Chris_0064 Mike_Chris_0065 Mike_Chris_0066 Mike_Chris_0067Mike_Chris_0069Mike_Chris_0068 After the ceremony the guests went onto the Wharf Tavern for the reception while we spent some time exploring other parts of Colt State Park.  We LOVE Del’s so when we knew a truck was parked nearby we had to stop for some photos as well as to get a yummy frozen Del’s lemonade. It was a perfect treat since it was so hot!

Mike_Chris_0070 Mike_Chris_0071 Mike_Chris_0072 Mike_Chris_0073 Mike_Chris_0074On our way out of Colt State Park we stopped at this romantic stone bridge with gorgeous views of the marshes.
Mike_Chris_0075 Mike_Chris_0076 Mike_Chris_0077 Mike_Chris_0078 Mike_Chris_0079 Mike_Chris_0080 Mike_Chris_0081 Mike_Chris_0082 Mike_Chris_0083 Mike_Chris_0084 Mike_Chris_0085 Mike_Chris_0086 Mike_Chris_0087 We also took a quick walk to take some photos with the ocean as a backdrop.  Colt State Park offers some gorgeous views.  Mike_Chris_0088 Mike_Chris_0089 Mike_Chris_0090 Mike_Chris_0091 Mike_Chris_0092 Mike_Chris_0093 Mike_Chris_0094 Finally it was time to head to the reception at the Wharf Tavern.  Mike_Chris_0095 Mike_Chris_0096 Mike_Chris_0097 Mike_Chris_0098 Mike_Chris_0099 Mike_Chris_0101 Mike_Chris_0100Mike_Chris_0102 Mike_Chris_0103 Mike_Chris_0104 Mike_Chris_0105 Mike_Chris_0106 Mike_Chris_0107 Mike_Chris_0108 Mike_Chris_0109While dinner was being served we snuck outside for a few photos while the sun was setting. The Wharf Tavern offers a gorgeous sunset.
Mike_Chris_0110 Mike_Chris_0111 Mike_Chris_0112 Mike_Chris_0113 Mike_Chris_0114 Mike_Chris_0115 Mike_Chris_0116 Mike_Chris_0117 Mike_Chris_0118 Mike_Chris_0119 Mike_Chris_0120 Mike_Chris_0121 Mike_Chris_0122 Mike_Chris_0123 Mike_Chris_0124 Mike_Chris_0125 Mike_Chris_0126 Mike_Chris_0127 Mike_Chris_0128 After all the formalities of the reception were over it was time for dancing.  The floor was packed all night long, just the way I like it!  Mike_Chris_0129 Mike_Chris_0130 Mike_Chris_0131 Mike_Chris_0132 Mike_Chris_0133 Mike_Chris_0134 Mike_Chris_0135 Mike_Chris_0136 Mike_Chris_0137 Mike_Chris_0138 Mike_Chris_0139 Mike_Chris_0140 Mike_Chris_0141 We had to sneak into a couple photos throughout the night.  Thankfully some of the guests were comfortable enough using our camera for a few photos.  Mike_Chris_0142 Mike_Chris_0143 Mike_Chris_0144 Mike_Chris_0145 Mike_Chris_0146 Mike_Chris_0147 Mike_Chris_0149A nice “GO TEAM” is always the best way to end the night!
Mike_Chris_0148We had an amazing time at the wedding!  It was a fabulous day filled with love. You can view photos from Chris+Mike’s wedding on our client site: http://mrdrewphotography.zenfolio.com/mike_chris

xoxo Amanda (and Drew)

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