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Nicole+Tom | Flag Hill Wedding | Lee, NH

We absolutely fell in love with Nicole and Tom and their wedding day was spectacular day filled with so much love from all their family and friends.  We started the day getting ready in Portsmouth, NH.  I spent some time with Nicole and her bridesmaids getting ready while Drew spent the morning with Tom and the groomsman.  I loved all the sweet details that Nicole’s mom had through out the room.  It was filled with so many sweet touches. NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0001 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0002 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0003 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0004 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0005 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0006 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0007 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0008NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0009 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0010 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0011 Nicole’s brother Justin was her Man of Honor (her other 3 brothers were also on her side).  He was by her side while she was getting ready.  NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0012 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0013 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0014 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0015 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0016 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0017 How gorgeous is Nicole!?! She looked striking in her lace Maggie Sottero bridal gown.  I loved the sheer lace cap sleeves and the low back.  NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0018 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0019 After a quick toast and a little dancing it was time to head on over to Flag Hill!NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0020 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0021Nicole and Tom opted to do a first look before the ceremony.  We set it all up in between the grape vines of the vineyard.  It was a perfect secluded spot.  NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0024NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0023NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0027NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0025Nicole and Tom took a few minutes chatting and just relishing in the fact that they were getting married in just a short while!NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0026NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0028NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0029The vineyards allow for such sweet romantic moments.  This is why we love shooting at Flag Hill (along with how great the staff is to work with). NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0030NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0031NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0032I love these quiet and intimate moments that Drew captured by shooting through the vines.  NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0033NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0034NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0035NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0036After their first look we took a bit of time to shoot some photos with their family.  How cute are Nicole and Tom’s nephews.  The three boys are the cutest and their outfits were adorable.  I wanted to take them home with me!NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0037NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0038NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0039NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0040NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0041NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0042We finished up with portraits and then Nicole headed to the getting ready space at Flag Hill for some last minute preparations.  NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0048NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0049NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0050NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0051Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony.  Everyone found their seats beneath the gorgeous trees at the ceremony site.  NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0052NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0053NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0054 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0055NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0056 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0057NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0058NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0059NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0060 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0061NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0062 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0063NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0064NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0065 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0066Nicole and Tom’s ceremony was filled with lots of love and sweet moments highlighting how they met and fell in love at the final game of the Stanley Cup finals in Boston and how much they love each other.  I love when couples have personalized ceremonies.
NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0067NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0068 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0069NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0070 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0071NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0072NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0073 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0074NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0076NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0075NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0077NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0078NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0079NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0080NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0081 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0082NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0083 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0084 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0085 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0086 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0087 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0088 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0089 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0090 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0091 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0092 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0093 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0094 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0095 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0096 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0097 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0098 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0099 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0100 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0101 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0102 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0103 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0104 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0105 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0106 After portraits it was time to head to the reception.  Again the Nicole and Tom filled the tent with so many sweet details.  There was so much to photograph. NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0022NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0043 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0045NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0047The centerpieces were absolutely gorgeous.  Cymbidium Floral did an amazing job with all the florals!Flag Hill Wedding, New Hampshire WeddingNT_Flag Hill Wedding_0046Nicole and Tom were surprised when they were introduced and all of their guests had customized Bruins themed rally towels.  It made for an amazing entrance!
NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0107 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0108 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0109 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0110 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0111 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0112 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0113 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0114 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0115 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0116 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0117 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0118 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0119 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0120 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0121 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0122 Of course when you get married at a vineyard I’m going to put your rings on some of the grapes!  That’s a given. NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0123 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0124 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0125 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0126 While the sun was setting we snuck out for some more portraits.NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0127 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0129 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0128NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0130 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0131 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0132 After dinner was served it was time to dance.  The dance floor was packed all night long.  Tom told me he loved to dance when I met with them at their initial consultation and him and the rest of their wedding guests didn’t disappoint!  I love a good dance party!NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0133 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0134 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0135 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0136Nicole picked the date for the wedding because it was a full moon.  We snuck out to grab a few portraits with the moon while everyone was having a great time on the dance floor.
NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0137 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0138Nicole’s brother had a special surprise for Nicole and Tom.  Due to them meeting at one of the Stanley Cup finals games, the Bruins hold a special place in their hearts.  Nicole’s brother arranged to have the Bruins mascot, Blades, surprise them!
NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0140 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0141 It was an amazing moment when Blades came out!NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0142 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0143 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0144 NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0145NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0139NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0147NT_Flag Hill Wedding_0146

Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day!  We had an amazing time, you two are both absolute sweethearts.

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Wedding Coordinator: Flag Hill, Christa Phaneuf

Hair Stylist: Melissa O’Brien & Karly Gaudette

Makeup Artist: Jen Zaccari from Glow Personalized Skincare

Florist: Jessica Christoferson from Cymbidium Floral

Bakery: Jacques Pastries

Band or DJ: Ted Raasumaa from BTE Entertainment

Officiant: Mary Carey Foley

Videographer: Precious Moments Wedding Films

Bridal Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero, Lucinda 

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Jenny Yoo

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