Kelsey+Bob | Dec 12, 2015 | The Red Lion Inn

We spent a surprisingly warm day this past December photographing Kelsey and Bob’s wedding at the gorgeous Red Lion Inn.  It was a day filled with lots of love and laughs with all their family and friends.  Enjoy some of our favorite images from their wedding day.

KB_Wedding_0029 KB_Wedding_0030 KB_Wedding_0031 KB_Wedding_0032 KB_Wedding_0033 KB_Wedding_0034 KB_Wedding_0035 KB_Wedding_0036 KB_Wedding_0037 KB_Wedding_0038 KB_Wedding_0039 KB_Wedding_0040 KB_Wedding_0041 KB_Wedding_0042 KB_Wedding_0043 KB_Wedding_0044 KB_Wedding_0045 KB_Wedding_0046 KB_Wedding_0047 KB_Wedding_0048 KB_Wedding_0049 KB_Wedding_0050 KB_Wedding_0051 KB_Wedding_0052 KB_Wedding_0053 KB_Wedding_0054 KB_Wedding_0055 KB_Wedding_0056 KB_Wedding_0057 KB_Wedding_0058 KB_Wedding_0059 KB_Wedding_0060 KB_Wedding_0061 KB_Wedding_0062 KB_Wedding_0063 KB_Wedding_0064 KB_Wedding_0065 KB_Wedding_0066 KB_Wedding_0067 KB_Wedding_0068 KB_Wedding_0069 KB_Wedding_0070 KB_Wedding_0071 KB_Wedding_0072 KB_Wedding_0073 KB_Wedding_0074 KB_Wedding_0075 KB_Wedding_0076 KB_Wedding_0077 KB_Wedding_0078 KB_Wedding_0079 KB_Wedding_0080 KB_Wedding_0081 KB_Wedding_0082 KB_Wedding_0083 KB_Wedding_0084 KB_Wedding_0085 KB_Wedding_0086 KB_Wedding_0087 KB_Wedding_0088 KB_Wedding_0089 KB_Wedding_0090 KB_Wedding_0091 KB_Wedding_0092 KB_Wedding_0093 KB_Wedding_0094 KB_Wedding_0095 KB_Wedding_0096 KB_Wedding_0097 KB_Wedding_0098 KB_Wedding_0099 KB_Wedding_0100 KB_Wedding_0101 KB_Wedding_0102 KB_Wedding_0103 KB_Wedding_0104 KB_Wedding_0105 KB_Wedding_0106 KB_Wedding_0107 KB_Wedding_0108 KB_Wedding_0109Thanks for letting us be part of your wedding day Kelsey+Bob!

We’ll get the full list of vendors added to the blog soon, for now here are the ones we know.

Venue: Red Lion Inn, Cohasset MA

Event Planning: Exquisite Events from Newport RI

Bridal Gown: Allure Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff


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