Jayne+David | Flag Hill Winery Wedding

It was a warm day in August for Jayne+Davids wedding at Flag Hill Winery (one of our favorite venues!).  We met up with them in Dover for a bit before heading over to the winery.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and we took advantage of all the locations on the property for photos. David is a firefighter and arranged to have this amazing vintage white fire truck arrive for photos.  Jayne had hurt her ankle/foot and had a boot to wear but it didn’t stop her at all from having an amazing day. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day! jaynedavid-flag-hill_0001 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0002jaynedavid-flag-hill_0004jaynedavid-flag-hill_0006jaynedavid-flag-hill_0005jaynedavid-flag-hill_0003 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0007 Love love love Jayne’s bouquet.  It was so colorful, Julie, from Creative Gardens did a great job on all the flowers.  We snuck out front while for some portraits, while the guys were in the ceremony area. jaynedavid-flag-hill_0008 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0009 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0010 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0011 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0012 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0013Once the guys were done with portraits we headed over to the ceremony side of the vineyard for some portraits of the girls.
jaynedavid-flag-hill_0014 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0015 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0016 The bridesmaids were full of sass and I loved it!jaynedavid-flag-hill_0017 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0018 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0019 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0020 Riley walking his mom down the aisle is just the sweetest thing ever! jaynedavid-flag-hill_0021 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0022 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0023 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0024 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0025 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0026 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0027 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0028 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0029 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0030 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0031 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0032 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0033 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0034 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0035 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0036 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0037 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0038 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0039 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0040 After family portraits were done it was time for portraits of Jayne and David and the wedding party! jaynedavid-flag-hill_0041 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0042 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0043 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0044 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0045 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0046 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0047 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0048 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0049 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0050 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0051 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0066jaynedavid-flag-hill_0067 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0052 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0054 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0053jaynedavid-flag-hill_0055 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0056 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0057 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0058 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0059 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0060 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0061jaynedavid-flag-hill_0062jaynedavid-flag-hill_0080jaynedavid-flag-hill_0081When you shoot in a vineyard and the grapes have grown in, you obviously need to take a ring shot with the grapes!jaynedavid-flag-hill_0064 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0065jaynedavid-flag-hill_0068 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0069 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0070 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0071 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0072 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0073 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0074 After all the formalities of the day, it was time to PARTY!!  and that is what they did!  jaynedavid-flag-hill_0075 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0076 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0077 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0078 jaynedavid-flag-hill_0079Thanks again for letting us celebrate with you!  We always love shooting at Flag Hill!

Details for the Day!

Wedding Coordinator: Christa Phaneuf at Flag Hill (We LOVE Christa)

Florist: Creative Gardens

Makeup Artist: Sarah Lord

Bakery: Chickadee Hill

DJ: Leo Francis

Bridal Dress Designer: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff

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