Brianna MS_0012

Brianna | Maternity Session | Benson Park, Hudson, NH

This sweet mama to be is off on a new adventure in France, before she left we squeezed in a session.  I’ve known Brianna for many years now and have watched her grow and become the amazing strong woman that she is. She’s dealt with so much and just keeps moving forward. I wish you nothing but the best Brianna!  I can’t wait to see what you do next in Paris with your new family.  Prue came along and shot with me, she had a few great shots.  I’ve marked the ones that Prue took.  *Proud mama here*

Brianna MS_0001 Brianna MS_0002 Brianna MS_0003 Brianna MS_0004 Brianna MS_0005 Prue’s image below!Brianna MS_0006 Brianna MS_0007 Brianna MS_0008 Brianna MS_0009 Prue’s image below!Brianna MS_0010 Brianna MS_0011Prue’s image below! Brianna MS_0012 Brianna MS_0013 Brianna MS_0014 Brianna MS_0015 Brianna MS_0016 Brianna MS_0017 Brianna MS_0018 Brianna MS_0019 Brianna MS_0020 Brianna MS_0021

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