Sweet E+A | Newborn Session

I got to snuggle these adorable twins a few weeks ago.  They were absolutely a dream to photograph and slept amazingly once I got them to sleep (E was more interested in keeping an eye on me at first, but once she was snuggled with her sister she went right to sleep).  Being a twin myself it was extra special to get to photograph and snuggle this sweet pair of twisters (twin+sister).  Sending lots of love, snuggles & laughs to them & their wonderful family!!

E+A_Newborn_0010 E+A_Newborn_0004 E+A_Newborn_0007 E+A_Newborn_0005 E+A_Newborn_0012 E+A_Newborn_0003 Ella+Anna_0001 E+A_Newborn_0009 Can you even handle the cuteness of their matching bonnets?  I know I can’t.  E+A_Newborn_0008 Ella+Anna_0002 Their big brother was photographed in this sweet knitted cocoon when he was a newborn! I loved that their Mom dug it out of storage for their photos, such a perfect touch.E+A_Newborn_0001 E+A_Newborn_0011 E+A_Newborn_0013E+A_Newborn_0006E+A_Newborn_0002

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