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Husband and Wife photographers. We live near Boston and are willing to travel all over to shoot your wedding, family, newborn, senior. We like to laugh and we aim to have a fun & modern shooting style.

Penelope turns ONE! | Cake Smash

Our sweet little Penelope turns one TODAY!  I can’t believe it’s been a full year that we’ve had Pen in our lives.  We wouldn’t trade anything for all the smiles, giggles, hugs, and tears we’ve all had this year with her. I’ll at some point come share some of my favorite images from her newborn session & other times I’ve busted out the real camera to take photos this year.  She’s made our family complete and I could go on and on, but we’ve got a party to get ready for!!  So here are some favorites from her cake smash session we shot last week.
HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO MY TINIEST SWEETIE GIRL!Pen_0001 Pen_0002 Pen_0003 Pen_0004 Pen_0005 Pen_0006 Pen_0007 Pen_0008 Pen_0009 Pen_0010 Pen_0011 Pen_0012 Prue and Beck had to help Pen finish her cake.  Beck’s rocking a blanket turned into a cape while naked, because that’s what you do when you are 5.  Pen_0013


Sweet E+A | Newborn Session

I got to snuggle these adorable twins a few weeks ago.  They were absolutely a dream to photograph and slept amazingly once I got them to sleep (E was more interested in keeping an eye on me at first, but once she was snuggled with her sister she went right to sleep).  Being a twin myself it was extra special to get to photograph and snuggle this sweet pair of twisters (twin+sister).  Sending lots of love, snuggles & laughs to them & their wonderful family!!

E+A_Newborn_0010 E+A_Newborn_0004 E+A_Newborn_0007 E+A_Newborn_0005 E+A_Newborn_0012 E+A_Newborn_0003 Ella+Anna_0001 E+A_Newborn_0009 Can you even handle the cuteness of their matching bonnets?  I know I can’t.  E+A_Newborn_0008 Ella+Anna_0002 Their big brother was photographed in this sweet knitted cocoon when he was a newborn! I loved that their Mom dug it out of storage for their photos, such a perfect touch.E+A_Newborn_0001 E+A_Newborn_0011 E+A_Newborn_0013E+A_Newborn_0006E+A_Newborn_0002

Brianna MS_0012

Brianna | Maternity Session | Benson Park, Hudson, NH

This sweet mama to be is off on a new adventure in France, before she left we squeezed in a session.  I’ve known Brianna for many years now and have watched her grow and become the amazing strong woman that she is. She’s dealt with so much and just keeps moving forward. I wish you nothing but the best Brianna!  I can’t wait to see what you do next in Paris with your new family.  Prue came along and shot with me, she had a few great shots.  I’ve marked the ones that Prue took.  *Proud mama here*

Brianna MS_0001 Brianna MS_0002 Brianna MS_0003 Brianna MS_0004 Brianna MS_0005 Prue’s image below!Brianna MS_0006 Brianna MS_0007 Brianna MS_0008 Brianna MS_0009 Prue’s image below!Brianna MS_0010 Brianna MS_0011Prue’s image below! Brianna MS_0012 Brianna MS_0013 Brianna MS_0014 Brianna MS_0015 Brianna MS_0016 Brianna MS_0017 Brianna MS_0018 Brianna MS_0019 Brianna MS_0020 Brianna MS_0021