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Husband and Wife photographers. We live near Boston and are willing to travel all over to shoot your wedding, family, newborn, senior. We like to laugh and we aim to have a fun & modern shooting style.


Kate+Scott | Moraine Farm Wedding

We spent a toasty day in August with Kate+Scott and their family and friends celebrating their marriage at the Estate at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA. It is such a gorgeous venue that we love shooting at! While it was a hot and humid day with a brief rain storm rolling through right before the ceremony nothing could bring Kate and Scott down.  They were so excited to get married and you could see all day how in love they are.  Scott was one of the sweetest grooms, feeling so many feelings during the ceremony. We are so happy that we could be a part of their wedding day!

katescott-moraine-farm_0001 katescott-moraine-farm_0002 katescott-moraine-farm_0003 katescott-moraine-farm_0004 katescott-moraine-farm_0005 katescott-moraine-farm_0006 katescott-moraine-farm_0007 katescott-moraine-farm_0008 katescott-moraine-farm_0009 katescott-moraine-farm_0010 katescott-moraine-farm_0011 katescott-moraine-farm_0012 katescott-moraine-farm_0013 katescott-moraine-farm_0014 katescott-moraine-farm_0015 katescott-moraine-farm_0016 katescott-moraine-farm_0017 katescott-moraine-farm_0018 katescott-moraine-farm_0019 katescott-moraine-farm_0020 katescott-moraine-farm_0021 katescott-moraine-farm_0022 katescott-moraine-farm_0023 katescott-moraine-farm_0024 katescott-moraine-farm_0025 katescott-moraine-farm_0026 katescott-moraine-farm_0027 katescott-moraine-farm_0028 katescott-moraine-farm_0029 katescott-moraine-farm_0030katescott-moraine-farm_0032katescott-moraine-farm_0031 katescott-moraine-farm_0033 katescott-moraine-farm_0034 katescott-moraine-farm_0035 katescott-moraine-farm_0036 katescott-moraine-farm_0037 katescott-moraine-farm_0038 katescott-moraine-farm_0039 katescott-moraine-farm_0040 katescott-moraine-farm_0041 katescott-moraine-farm_0042 katescott-moraine-farm_0043 katescott-moraine-farm_0044 katescott-moraine-farm_0045 katescott-moraine-farm_0046 katescott-moraine-farm_0047 katescott-moraine-farm_0048 katescott-moraine-farm_0049 katescott-moraine-farm_0050 katescott-moraine-farm_0051 katescott-moraine-farm_0052 katescott-moraine-farm_0053 katescott-moraine-farm_0054 katescott-moraine-farm_0055 katescott-moraine-farm_0056 katescott-moraine-farm_0057 katescott-moraine-farm_0058 katescott-moraine-farm_0059 katescott-moraine-farm_0060 katescott-moraine-farm_0061 katescott-moraine-farm_0062 katescott-moraine-farm_0063 katescott-moraine-farm_0064 katescott-moraine-farm_0065 katescott-moraine-farm_0066 katescott-moraine-farm_0067 katescott-moraine-farm_0068 katescott-moraine-farm_0069 katescott-moraine-farm_0070 katescott-moraine-farm_0071 katescott-moraine-farm_0072 katescott-moraine-farm_0073 katescott-moraine-farm_0074 katescott-moraine-farm_0075 katescott-moraine-farm_0076 katescott-moraine-farm_0077 katescott-moraine-farm_0078 katescott-moraine-farm_0079 katescott-moraine-farm_0080 katescott-moraine-farm_0081 katescott-moraine-farm_0082 katescott-moraine-farm_0083 katescott-moraine-farm_0084 katescott-moraine-farm_0085 katescott-moraine-farm_0086 katescott-moraine-farm_0087 katescott-moraine-farm_0088 katescott-moraine-farm_0089 katescott-moraine-farm_0090 katescott-moraine-farm_0091 katescott-moraine-farm_0092 katescott-moraine-farm_0093 katescott-moraine-farm_0094 katescott-moraine-farm_0095 katescott-moraine-farm_0096 katescott-moraine-farm_0097 katescott-moraine-farm_0098 katescott-moraine-farm_0099 katescott-moraine-farm_0100 katescott-moraine-farm_0101 katescott-moraine-farm_0102 katescott-moraine-farm_0103 katescott-moraine-farm_0104 katescott-moraine-farm_0105 katescott-moraine-farm_0106 katescott-moraine-farm_0107 katescott-moraine-farm_0108 katescott-moraine-farm_0109 katescott-moraine-farm_0110Thank you again Kate and Scott for letting us be a part of your wedding day!  We hope you enjoy reliving the day.

All the Details for the Day!

Wedding Coordinator: Estate at Moraine Farm Amy Hudon

Caterer: Fireside Catering

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Dina Traganos

Florist: Karla Cassidy

Bakery: Konditor Meister

DJ: 617Weddings, Jimmie Espo

Officiant: Elizabeth Gemelli

Heirloom Hourglass – Sand Ceremony

Bridal Dress Designer: Allure Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff

Photographer: ;) Mr+Mrs Drew Photography


Drugan Family | Amesbury Portrait Session

I spent an afternoon with this adorable family and their sweet twins a few weeks ago. I shot their newborn session so it was nice to see how much they have grown since then. It was lots of work to capture these two little people who don’t want to sit still and don’t want to be held.  I mentioned during the session it was like herding cats (impossible), but they are so cute so it is totally worth it.  Enjoy some of my favorites from the session.

drugan-family_0001 drugan-family_0002 drugan-family_0003 drugan-family_0004 drugan-family_0005 drugan-family_0006 drugan-family_0007 drugan-family_0008 drugan-family_0009 drugan-family_0010 drugan-family_0011 drugan-family_0012 drugan-family_0013 drugan-family_0014 drugan-family_0015 drugan-family_0016 drugan-family_0017 drugan-family_0018 drugan-family_0019 drugan-family_0020 drugan-family_0021 drugan-family_0022 drugan-family_0023 drugan-family_0024 drugan-family_0025 drugan-family_0026 drugan-family_0027

The weather is still great for outdoor family sessions (I think it’s actually better in September because it isn’t as hot and humid).  Contact me ( to book your family session or check out our mini sessions in Oct!

fall mini sessions

Fall Mini Sessions | Oct 15 | Chelmsford MA

It’s that time of year!  FALL MINI SESSIONS!!  It’s the perfect time to have family portraits created for your family.  We’ve kept an eye on when the leaves should be changing and it looks like the weekend of October 15th & 16th should have great fall foliage. We’ll be offering sessions at a local park in Chelmsford.

fall mini sessions


Sessions are 20 minutes, just enough to give you some great family portraits (if you’d prefer a full family session we have dates available for those too).  The mini sessions are $225, include 10 digital files (perfect for prints or holiday cards). We include information on where we suggest you order prints (you can also order prints through us if it’s easier).

You can book your mini session appointment below by selecting which date and time.

To Book your mini session on Saturday Oct 15th in  Chelmsford MA 

Some favorites from last years mini sessions!

fall-mini-session_0005 fall-mini-session_0004 fall-mini-session_0003 fall-mini-session_0002 fall-mini-session_0001