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Ella cake smash_0017

Ella’s First Birthday | Cake Smash Session

Ella and her parents came over our house a few weeks ago for some fun portraits to celebrate her first birthday.  We started with some portraits in our yard and then headed inside for some fun portraits in the studio.  Ella is such a sweetie and I had so much fun pulling together the setups for her session as well as making her little onesie.

Here are some of my favorites from her session.

Ella cake smash_0001 Ella cake smash_0002 Ella cake smash_0003 Ella cake smash_0004 Ella cake smash_0005 Ella cake smash_0006 Ella cake smash_0007 Ella cake smash_0008 Ella cake smash_0009 Ella cake smash_0010 Ella cake smash_0011 Ella cake smash_0012 Ella cake smash_0013 Ella cake smash_0014 Ella cake smash_0015 Ella cake smash_0016 Ella cake smash_0017 Ella cake smash_0018 Ella cake smash_0019 Ella cake smash_0020 Ella cake smash_0021 Ella cake smash_0022 Ella cake smash_0023


Sweet little L | Newborn Session

L slept like a champ his entire session, I think Auntie Kate was helping me out! We go way back with this family. We shot Jen+Ian’s wedding in 2011, our dear friend Kate was Jen’s Maid of Honor and obviously couldn’t shoot their wedding. Kate would have shot this session, but Kate passed away last year in an awful car accident that broke all our hearts. I was happy to take over in Kate’s absence, and brought along some of her props (that Andrew & I inherited).  I snuggled this little guy extra tightly for Auntie Kate.

Below are some of my favorites from the session. lachlan_0001 lachlan_0002 lachlan_0003 lachlan_0004lachlan_0005 lachlan_0006 lachlan_0007 lachlan_0008 lachlan_0009 lachlan_0010 lachlan_0011 lachlan_0012 lachlan_0013 lachlan_0014 lachlan_0015 lachlan_0016 lachlan_0017 lachlan_0018 lachlan_0019 lachlan_0020 lachlan_0021 lachlan_0022 lachlan_0023

walsh newborn lifestyle_0004

Walsh Family | Lifestyle Newborn Session

I spent some time recently with one of my favorite families to photograph!  Erin+Matt were one of our first maternity sessions and then since then I’ve shot their first son’s newborn sessions & many family sessions.  This past Fall I shot the maternity session and a couple weeks ago it was time to meet their second sweet little boy.  Erin loves interior design so I knew their house would be lovely to shoot in, it did not disappoint.

Little tidbit that I just loved, their oldest son loves Star Wars, so throughout the shoot him and I were talking all about it.  I had a Jabba the Hutt action figure help “hold” my camera for a couple of the family shots ;)

Enjoy some of my favorites from their lifestyle newborn/family session.

walsh newborn lifestyle_0001-1 walsh newborn lifestyle_0002 walsh newborn lifestyle_0003 walsh newborn lifestyle_0004 walsh newborn lifestyle_0005 walsh newborn lifestyle_0006 walsh newborn lifestyle_0007 walsh newborn lifestyle_0008 walsh newborn lifestyle_0009 walsh newborn lifestyle_0010 walsh newborn lifestyle_0011 walsh newborn lifestyle_0012 walsh newborn lifestyle_0013 walsh newborn lifestyle_0014 walsh newborn lifestyle_0015 walsh newborn lifestyle_0016 walsh newborn lifestyle_0017 walsh newborn lifestyle_0018 walsh newborn lifestyle_0019 walsh newborn lifestyle_0020 walsh newborn lifestyle_0021 walsh newborn lifestyle_0022 walsh newborn lifestyle_0023 walsh newborn lifestyle_0024 walsh newborn lifestyle_0026walsh newborn lifestyle_0025 walsh newborn lifestyle_0027walsh newborn lifestyle_0029walsh newborn lifestyle_0030walsh newborn lifestyle_0031walsh newborn lifestyle_0028Thanks so much for letting me capture this special new time for your family!