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A Cold Rainy Day With Lexi | Portrait Session, Lowell MA

Lexi’s Mom signed up for one of our mini session days, it was a rainy day and we were going to reschedule but we worked through the rain & decided to take some shots.  Lexi did a great job dealing with the cold & wind.  We had fun with some balloons, climbed on the stone wall & played on the swing.  I think overall with the conditions we were dealing with it we had a very successful session :)

Lexi has the longest eyelashes I’ve seen in a long time, I was a little jealous of her.

Love this one!  We were pretending the balloons were attacking her so she was hitting them away from her.

Who doesn’t love to tip upside down and swing?!  It’s the best for sure.
Thanks Lexi for being a great model, I had lots of fun hanging out with you & hope we get to do it again in the future.

-Amanda (MrsDrew)

Jillian & Lauren | Camp Mini Session, Assonet MA

We had a large family reunion on my husband’s side of the family.  You saw one of the images from the party here!  Jillian & Lauren are Drew’s cousins.  They are both stunning girls & both into photography.  We thought it would be fun to do a mini photo shoot at the family reunion.  We knew Camp Welch would have some great locations to shoot at.  We just walked around for about 30 minutes and the girls took turn posing.  They both did a stellar job & I love all of the images SOOOOOOOO much!

We didn’t use any on camera or off camera flash, just the trusty old reflector.  The way we have been working lately is I shoot most of the session & Drew assists.  We both determine the locations and the poses.  Drew is really great at tweaking a pose and looking at all the little details.  I can come up with a shot & set it up and start shooting while I am shooting Drew is giving more directions to make the pose even stronger.  It works really well for us.  I’d love to hear how other photographers work together during a shoot.  Other times Drew is also shooting, but when the reflector is needed it is a little tough to be doing both at the same time.

Meet Jillian!  She is a fellow red-head so you know I love that :)  We are going to be doing Senior portraits in a about a month.  I am super excited to shoot more with Jillian.

I love these two images together.  The texture on this building is to die for & the sun coming through the trees OMG

I know this comment might not be cool, but this reminds me of the little mermaid…I know really I think it’s way cooler then that.  I just love her red curls laid out on the green grass.  Can we say complementary colors!!

Meet Lauren: She is another amazing young lady who had smizing down!  We’d love to do a full length session with her as well, hint…hint…

Love that natural hair light & thank you reflector!! Jillian…you are GORGEOUS

I love how they both have such different looks.  Lauren you are STUNNING!

Ladies you are both amazing & so special in your own way.  Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from doing what you want to do.

-Mrs Drew (Amanda)

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Danielle, Jared & Baby Y | Groeland, MA Maternity Session

Two of our dearest friends are pregnant & are going to be having a baby hopefully any day now! eeeeekk!!! I am so excited for them.  We luckily squeezed in a maternity session a few weeks ago.  I am so happy for both Danielle & Jared and I can’t wait to watch them turn into the amazing parents that I know they are going to be!  We shot these near their house.  Danielle scouted locations for us, I knew I wanted to shoot on the bridge that I cross over to get to their house.  She found the awesome riverfront location & then some were right in their yard (that great stone wall is in their backyard).  The light was amazing & they were up for anything, even when Andrew & I asked them to do silly things, they totally did them & we love them for that.

I can’t wait to meet this little nugget.  It’s a surprise if it’s a boy or girl, though Jared knows.  I don’t know how he is keeping it a secret.  I hate to admit it,but I had no faith that he could keep the secret from Danielle or anyone else.  He has proved us all wrong and done an amazing job not letting it slip (you know we’ve all tried to get it out of him)

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

The top image of this set is my favorite for many reasons.  1.  I love the lens flare.  2. If you know Danielle you know that she isn’t the smiling type, so the fact that she has a genuine smile makes me happy.

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

The top image here is Drew’s favorite.  He thinks it captures their personalities perfectly!  “That’s what I see when we sit across the table from them”  was his quote.

Danielle, Jared & Baby Y

Danielle & Jared – You guys rock & we can’t wait till we get to meet your little nugget! (Prue is super excited to meet her future BFF too!)