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Joseph | Lowell MA Portrait Session

Our nephew Joseph came to stay with us at the beginning of July.  We took him to see Lady Gaga in concert and then the next day we did a photo shoot.  In my opinion it was the best weekend ever for a 15 year old boy!  We had an awesome time at the concert (Miss Gaga is an amazing performer for sure).  We did the shoot right in our “backyard” our backyard being the Target near our house and then another location about 5 mins away from our house.  It was awesome to find and use places within a 5 minute drive from our house.  There are still a few locations nearby that I can’t wait to use (hint, hint, hint the first one to book a session gets the other great locations).

Here are a few from the shoot.  Joseph was a really great model.  The few with the red circle were right in the front of Target (those of you that love Target probably already knew that though) caused some people to stop and gather.  Joseph didn’t flinch or care at all.  I think he actually hammed it up even more.  We are looking forward to many more fun shoots with Joseph in the future.

On a photography note: A reflector is such an awesome & simple tool.  We’ve used them before but after this shoot, I fell completely in love with using one. It made such a huge difference.

Joseph: Pedine & I love you very much :)

-Mrs Drew