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Spaghetti Prue | Personal Portraits

I opened up Lightroom today to start editing and this is what greeted me.  I had to share it.  Drew hasn’t selected which photo is the one for yesterday but I am guessing it’s this one.  We take a photo everyday of Prue.

A day at the park with Prue | Personal Portraits

We are dying for Spring to come here at the Correia household (who isn’t in New England?).  Yesterday was Sunny and in the low 50’s so Prue and I went for a walk and ended up at a small park near our house.  She was super excited to play on the swing and run around outside.  After playing for a little bit we headed home.  I am glad we got out yesterday as today it’s been a dreary rainy day.  That’s the weather in New England for ya in the Spring.  I think tomorrow is suppose to be sunny again, fingers crossed that we start to get more sunny and warm days.  Enjoy Prue being the sassy little girl that she is.