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365 Days of Prue

This project truly is a labor of love on Drew’s part, though I did help out here and there.  We took a photo of Prue everyday for the entire year.  Enjoy the 2 videos I made (all those images in one video is way too many so I decided to split them into 2).

The First Half of 2010

The Second Half of 2010

I have to put a disclaimer and say that this isn’t every single photo (though it is close) I tried to find the longest songs and still not every image fit. I’ve redone the videos several times, I think this is as good as it gets!

Here is the last photo of 2010 (that didn’t make it into the video)

Making Gingerbread Houses | Personal

I decided on Monday that we were going to make Gingerbread Houses so on the hunt I went looking for a kit.  Of course Target was my first stop, luckily it was also my only stop.  If you are looking for kits, definitely go check out Target.  They had small houses that were already put together so all you had to do was decorate, they also had a gingerbread train kit.  I decided on the village.  My thought process was Prue could make & decorate her own and I could decorate some too without her help. :)

Decorating went from bad to good.  I should have put the houses together before Prue was around.  She went from super excited to decorate them to a complete break down because I wasn’t letting her decorate while I was putting them together.  Finally she recovered and stopped crying and we were able to decorate.  Drew helped Prue while I was decorating my own. I wanted to be really patient and decorate my house, but that didn’t happen.  I have more respect for bakeries that do gingerbread houses with all the little details.

We have a little village but I don’t know how long they will last, Prue has been picking at them all day today.  As soon as we came downstairs this morning she went right to them.  I came out of the bathroom to find her gripping onto one of the houses.  She had eaten the candy off the roof of the house and took a bite out of it.  Later today she asked me if I had to “peepee”?  I didn’t understand at first why she was asking me, but then I realized she was staring at the gingerbread houses and wanted me to leave so she could sneak a bite.

Prue being Prue | Personal

I figured it was about time I did another post with some recent photos of Prue.  She is a busy girl who is growing up so quickly.  Though she does like to “be a baby” which means holding her like a baby (laying in your arms).  Below is Prue sampling some Pink Pinwheel cupcakes.  She was very happy about being able to eat the cupcake.  She has attempted to steal a few from the dinning room table.  She is just like me & loves her sweets!
We finally got our new stove installed, though you can see the wall behind the stove still needs to be finished.  That hasn’t stopped us from taking full advantage of the new stove.  We baked some sugar cookies.  Prue & I were showing off our cookie covered hands.  Today Prue stole about 4 cookies from a plate on the counter (she pushed a kitchen chair into the pantry so she could get up to the counter).  I thought it was so funny, I couldn’t be mad at her.   Bubble monster tub time.  She is roaring in this photo.  She loves to roar like a dinosaur.Lydia borrowed some of our cake platters for a bridal show.  She brought some extra marshmallow favors over when she brought them back.  Prue was very happy as you can tell!