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Kelleymarie+Melissa | Wedding |Tewksbury Country Club

It was a beautiful (albeit a bit chilly) day at the beginning of April for Kelleymarie and Melissa wedding.  It wasn’t raining (or snowing) so that’s all you can really hope for when you have a Spring wedding.  You just don’t know what you are going to get in New England in the early Spring.  Drew started the day with Kelleymarie getting ready at a nearby hotel while I headed to Melissa & Kelleymarie’s house.  Melissa was there getting ready with her friends and family.

KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0001 The best helpers, helping Kelleymarie put on her shoes!KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0008 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0002KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0003KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0005 I love that Drew caught this moment of one of the flowergirls chomping on the flowers.  KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0006KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0007KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0004 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0009 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0010 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0011 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0012 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0013 After Melissa and her bridesmaids were all ready, we stepped outside for some portraits.  It was a little windy and definitely chilly, but these ladies made the best of it!KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0014 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0015 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0016 Kelleymarie surprised Melissa with a special photo of her Dad, who has passed away, so she could have him with her while they got married.  It was so sweet. KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0017Kelleymarie and her crew were already at the Tewksbury Country Club taking some portraits with Drew.
KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0018 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0019 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0020 Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony to start!KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0021 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0022 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0023 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0024 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0025 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0026 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0027 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0028 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0029 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0030 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0031 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0032 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0033 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0034 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0035 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0036 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0037 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0038 These two brides were ready to celebrate and did it by dancing their way down the aisle!KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0039 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0040 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0041 The flower girls found the FunBooth props while they were waiting to take portraits.  It was a moment I had to get. KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0042 We headed back outside to brave the chilly air for some portraits with the entire wedding party. Thankfully we didn’t have to go very far as the Tewksbury Country Club has a gorgeous bridge right outside the ballroom that is perfect for portraits. KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0043 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0044 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0045 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0046 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0047 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0048 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0049 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0050 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0051 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0052 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0053 I loved the bride’s complimentary but different bouquets.  KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0054 AHH!  I just love this shot, such a beautiful moment on the bridge. KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0055 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0056 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0057 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0058 You can see some guests peeking at the happy couple from the balcony during cocktail hour. KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0059 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0060 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0061 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0062 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0063 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0064 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0069 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0065KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0066KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0067KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0068KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0070 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0071 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0072 The brides started the reception with a lovely first dance followed by toasts from Kelleymarie’s siblings. KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0073 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0074 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0075 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0076 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0077 There were lots of laughs and smiles during the toasts!KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0078 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0079 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0080 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0081 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0082 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0083 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0084 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0085 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0086 After cutting the cake Melissa’s sister offered another toast.KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0087 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0088 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0089 Melissa is known to perform Proud Mary at family events so of course on her wedding day she killed it.  Before singing she changed into a different outfit so she could really get into it!  It was an amazing moment and everyone loved it.  KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0090 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0091 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0092 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0093KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0094 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0095 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0096 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0097 KM_Wedding_Tewksbury Country Club_0098

In case you missed the slideshow on facebook, enjoy this slideshow of some of the fun that was had in the FunBooth!

Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day Kelleymarie & Melissa!  It was a day filled with love and laughs and we couldn’t be happier for the two of you.

Wedding Coordinator: Melissa Sponholtz

Hair Stylist:
Axle Color Studio in North Reading
All About You Hair in Tewksbury

Florist: Evergreen Florist

Makeup Artist: All About You Hair in Tewksbury

Bakery: Konditor Meister

Band or DJ: Your Entertainment Specialists

Officiant: Rev. Courtney Jones

Videographer: “I Do” Wedding Videos

Bridal Dress Designer:
Kelleymarie‘s Dress: David’s Bridal
Melissa’s Dress: Nordstrom’s. The designer is Adrianna Papell.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Cristina’s Bridal Designer Watters

and of course! Photographers: Mr+Mrs Drew Photography


Autumn+Dan | Loon Mountain Wedding

Even though rain ultimately ruined Autumn and Dan’s plan for a mountain top ceremony at Loon Mountain, they didn’t let it ruin their day at all!  After the indoor ceremony we still ventured to the top of the mountain and rain around in the fog and mist to create some gorgeous portraits.  Autumn was up for anything and hustled to every spot on the top of the mountain that she wanted to hit for portraits.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day.  We had an amazing time running around with you!autumndan-loon-mountain_0002autumndan-loon-mountain_0003autumndan-loon-mountain_0007 autumndan-loon-mountain_0010 autumndan-loon-mountain_0004autumndan-loon-mountain_0005autumndan-loon-mountain_0015autumndan-loon-mountain_0016autumndan-loon-mountain_0006autumndan-loon-mountain_0014autumndan-loon-mountain_0008autumndan-loon-mountain_0013autumndan-loon-mountain_0011autumndan-loon-mountain_0012autumndan-loon-mountain_0017autumndan-loon-mountain_0018autumndan-loon-mountain_0019autumndan-loon-mountain_0020autumndan-loon-mountain_0021autumndan-loon-mountain_0022autumndan-loon-mountain_0023autumndan-loon-mountain_0024autumndan-loon-mountain_0025autumndan-loon-mountain_0026autumndan-loon-mountain_0027autumndan-loon-mountain_0028autumndan-loon-mountain_0029autumndan-loon-mountain_0030autumndan-loon-mountain_0031 autumndan-loon-mountain_0032autumndan-loon-mountain_0033autumndan-loon-mountain_0034autumndan-loon-mountain_0035autumndan-loon-mountain_0036autumndan-loon-mountain_0037autumndan-loon-mountain_0038autumndan-loon-mountain_0039 autumndan-loon-mountain_0040autumndan-loon-mountain_0041autumndan-loon-mountain_0042autumndan-loon-mountain_0043autumndan-loon-mountain_0051autumndan-loon-mountain_0044autumndan-loon-mountain_0045autumndan-loon-mountain_0046autumndan-loon-mountain_0049autumndan-loon-mountain_0050autumndan-loon-mountain_0047autumndan-loon-mountain_0048autumndan-loon-mountain_0052autumndan-loon-mountain_0053autumndan-loon-mountain_0054autumndan-loon-mountain_0055autumndan-loon-mountain_0058autumndan-loon-mountain_0060autumndan-loon-mountain_0056autumndan-loon-mountain_0057autumndan-loon-mountain_0059autumndan-loon-mountain_0066 autumndan-loon-mountain_0067autumndan-loon-mountain_0065autumndan-loon-mountain_0061autumndan-loon-mountain_0062autumndan-loon-mountain_0063 autumndan-loon-mountain_0064 autumndan-loon-mountain_0068 autumndan-loon-mountain_0069 autumndan-loon-mountain_0070 autumndan-loon-mountain_0071 autumndan-loon-mountain_0073 autumndan-loon-mountain_0074 autumndan-loon-mountain_0075 autumndan-loon-mountain_0076 autumndan-loon-mountain_0077 autumndan-loon-mountain_0078 autumndan-loon-mountain_0079 autumndan-loon-mountain_0080 autumndan-loon-mountain_0081 autumndan-loon-mountain_0082 autumndan-loon-mountain_0083autumndan-loon-mountain_0085autumndan-loon-mountain_0084 autumndan-loon-mountain_0087autumndan-loon-mountain_0086 autumndan-loon-mountain_0096 autumndan-loon-mountain_0095autumndan-loon-mountain_0088autumndan-loon-mountain_0090autumndan-loon-mountain_0089autumndan-loon-mountain_0091autumndan-loon-mountain_0092autumndan-loon-mountain_0094autumndan-loon-mountain_0093 autumndan-loon-mountain_0097autumndan-loon-mountain_0098autumndan-loon-mountain_0099autumndan-loon-mountain_0100autumndan-loon-mountain_0072


Wedding Coordinator: Krista Oberholtzer, Mountain Club on Loon

Flowers: Michele, Dockside Florist

Cake: Jaques Pasteries

DJ: Scott Arrington of Murray Hill Talent

Bridal Gown: Bridal Shop Madeleine’s Daughter  Bridal Dress Designer Maggie Sottero

Drugan Family | Amesbury Portrait Session

I spent an afternoon with this adorable family and their sweet twins a few weeks ago. I shot their newborn session so it was nice to see how much they have grown since then. It was lots of work to capture these two little people who don’t want to sit still and don’t want to be held.  I mentioned during the session it was like herding cats (impossible), but they are so cute so it is totally worth it.  Enjoy some of my favorites from the session.

drugan-family_0001 drugan-family_0002 drugan-family_0003 drugan-family_0004 drugan-family_0005 drugan-family_0006 drugan-family_0007 drugan-family_0008 drugan-family_0009 drugan-family_0010 drugan-family_0011 drugan-family_0012 drugan-family_0013 drugan-family_0014 drugan-family_0015 drugan-family_0016 drugan-family_0017 drugan-family_0018 drugan-family_0019 drugan-family_0020 drugan-family_0021 drugan-family_0022 drugan-family_0023 drugan-family_0024 drugan-family_0025 drugan-family_0026 drugan-family_0027

The weather is still great for outdoor family sessions (I think it’s actually better in September because it isn’t as hot and humid).  Contact me ( to book your family session or check out our mini sessions in Oct!