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fall mini sessions

Fall Mini Sessions | Oct 15 | Chelmsford MA

It’s that time of year!  FALL MINI SESSIONS!!  It’s the perfect time to have family portraits created for your family.  We’ve kept an eye on when the leaves should be changing and it looks like the weekend of October 15th & 16th should have great fall foliage. We’ll be offering sessions at a local park in Chelmsford.

fall mini sessions


Sessions are 20 minutes, just enough to give you some great family portraits (if you’d prefer a full family session we have dates available for those too).  The mini sessions are $225, include 10 digital files (perfect for prints or holiday cards). We include information on where we suggest you order prints (you can also order prints through us if it’s easier).

You can book your mini session appointment below by selecting which date and time.

To Book your mini session on Saturday Oct 15th in  Chelmsford MA 

Some favorites from last years mini sessions!

fall-mini-session_0005 fall-mini-session_0004 fall-mini-session_0003 fall-mini-session_0002 fall-mini-session_0001

KT_Groveland Fairways_0076

Kerrie+Tim | Groveland Fairways Wedding

We had a lovely *but warm* day in July for Kerrie and Tim’s wedding! I joked with Kerrie and Tim after the ceremony that I contemplated laying down with the sun beating down on my back.  It was all worth it though because it was such a beautiful wedding.  Kerrie and Tim are friends of ours, so it was an extra special day for us shooting their wedding.  All in all, it was a great day!KT_Groveland Fairways_0002 KT_Groveland Fairways_0003 KT_Groveland Fairways_0004 KT_Groveland Fairways_0008KT_Groveland Fairways_0009 KT_Groveland Fairways_0005KT_Groveland Fairways_0006KT_Groveland Fairways_0007KT_Groveland Fairways_0010 KT_Groveland Fairways_0011 KT_Groveland Fairways_0012 KT_Groveland Fairways_0013 Kerrie+Tim opted for a first look at the porch at Groveland Fairways was the perfect spot!  We got Tim all set up while Kerrie waited in the Limo. KT_Groveland Fairways_0014 KT_Groveland Fairways_0015 KT_Groveland Fairways_0016 KT_Groveland Fairways_0017 KT_Groveland Fairways_0018 KT_Groveland Fairways_0019 After the First Look it was time for wedding party portraits!  Andrew has second shot at Groveland before, but this was my first time and I loved the options we had.  KT_Groveland Fairways_0020 KT_Groveland Fairways_0021 KT_Groveland Fairways_0022 KT_Groveland Fairways_0023 KT_Groveland Fairways_0024 KT_Groveland Fairways_0025 KT_Groveland Fairways_0026 KT_Groveland Fairways_0027 KT_Groveland Fairways_0028 KT_Groveland Fairways_0029 KT_Groveland Fairways_0030 KT_Groveland Fairways_0031 It took some coaxing to get both Kerrie’s niece and nephew to pose for some portraits.  We waited it out and got the shot eventually!KT_Groveland Fairways_0032 KT_Groveland Fairways_0033 KT_Groveland Fairways_0034 KT_Groveland Fairways_0035 KT_Groveland Fairways_0036 Of course we had to get make some silly faces! The kids loved this part, I loved that Kerrie’s nephew missed the cue in the photo above while everyone else is doing their best silly face!KT_Groveland Fairways_0037 KT_Groveland Fairways_0038 KT_Groveland Fairways_0039KT_Groveland Fairways_0040 KT_Groveland Fairways_0041KT_Groveland Fairways_0043KT_Groveland Fairways_0045 KT_Groveland Fairways_0046 KT_Groveland Fairways_0047 KT_Groveland Fairways_0048KT_Groveland Fairways_0050KT_Groveland Fairways_0049 KT_Groveland Fairways_0051 KT_Groveland Fairways_0052 KT_Groveland Fairways_0053 KT_Groveland Fairways_0054 KT_Groveland Fairways_0055 That lady with the crazy turquoise hair is my twin sister!  Kerrie and her are teachers together at the same school (that’s how we became friends). KT_Groveland Fairways_0056 KT_Groveland Fairways_0057 KT_Groveland Fairways_0058 KT_Groveland Fairways_0059 KT_Groveland Fairways_0060 KT_Groveland Fairways_0061 KT_Groveland Fairways_0062 KT_Groveland Fairways_0063 KT_Groveland Fairways_0064 KT_Groveland Fairways_0065 KT_Groveland Fairways_0066 After the ceremony we took a brief break to have some drinks and a bit to eat, then it was onto Family Portraits.  KT_Groveland Fairways_0067 KT_Groveland Fairways_0068 KT_Groveland Fairways_0069 KT_Groveland Fairways_0070 KT_Groveland Fairways_0071 Kerrie’s niece was given a special locket and mentioned to me a couple times that we need to get a photo from today for her locket!KT_Groveland Fairways_0072 KT_Groveland Fairways_0073 KT_Groveland Fairways_0074 KT_Groveland Fairways_0075 KT_Groveland Fairways_0076 KT_Groveland Fairways_0077 KT_Groveland Fairways_0078 KT_Groveland Fairways_0079KT_Groveland Fairways_0042 KT_Groveland Fairways_0044 Kerrie and Tim had a lovely choreographed first dance with a couple dips, thankfully I was positioned in the perfect spot to capture it. 
KT_Groveland Fairways_0081 KT_Groveland Fairways_0082 KT_Groveland Fairways_0083 KT_Groveland Fairways_0084 KT_Groveland Fairways_0085 Once the sun was close to setting we snuck out for a couple more portraits. KT_Groveland Fairways_0086 KT_Groveland Fairways_0087 KT_Groveland Fairways_0088 KT_Groveland Fairways_0089 KT_Groveland Fairways_0090 KT_Groveland Fairways_0091 KT_Groveland Fairways_0092 KT_Groveland Fairways_0093 KT_Groveland Fairways_0094 KT_Groveland Fairways_0095 KT_Groveland Fairways_0096KT_Groveland Fairways_0098KT_Groveland Fairways_0099KT_Groveland Fairways_0100KT_Groveland Fairways_0097Here are all the Details for the Day!

Hair Stylist: Gianna from Lumina Salon

Florist: Lisa Greene from Martin’s Flower Mart

Makeup Artist: Maribeth Netishen (Mary Kay)

Bakery: Cakes for Occasions

DJ: Jeff Stone from Get Down Tonight Entertainment

Officiant: Penny J. Richards, JP

Videographer: Erik McLoughlin from Artistic Impressions

Bridal Dress from Madeleine’s Daughter Designer: Stella York

Ceremony Music: Muza Duo

Chalk/Mirror Signs: Antea Amoroso Design

walsh newborn lifestyle_0004

Walsh Family | Lifestyle Newborn Session

I spent some time recently with one of my favorite families to photograph!  Erin+Matt were one of our first maternity sessions and then since then I’ve shot their first son’s newborn sessions & many family sessions.  This past Fall I shot the maternity session and a couple weeks ago it was time to meet their second sweet little boy.  Erin loves interior design so I knew their house would be lovely to shoot in, it did not disappoint.

Little tidbit that I just loved, their oldest son loves Star Wars, so throughout the shoot him and I were talking all about it.  I had a Jabba the Hutt action figure help “hold” my camera for a couple of the family shots ;)

Enjoy some of my favorites from their lifestyle newborn/family session.

walsh newborn lifestyle_0001-1 walsh newborn lifestyle_0002 walsh newborn lifestyle_0003 walsh newborn lifestyle_0004 walsh newborn lifestyle_0005 walsh newborn lifestyle_0006 walsh newborn lifestyle_0007 walsh newborn lifestyle_0008 walsh newborn lifestyle_0009 walsh newborn lifestyle_0010 walsh newborn lifestyle_0011 walsh newborn lifestyle_0012 walsh newborn lifestyle_0013 walsh newborn lifestyle_0014 walsh newborn lifestyle_0015 walsh newborn lifestyle_0016 walsh newborn lifestyle_0017 walsh newborn lifestyle_0018 walsh newborn lifestyle_0019 walsh newborn lifestyle_0020 walsh newborn lifestyle_0021 walsh newborn lifestyle_0022 walsh newborn lifestyle_0023 walsh newborn lifestyle_0024 walsh newborn lifestyle_0026walsh newborn lifestyle_0025 walsh newborn lifestyle_0027walsh newborn lifestyle_0029walsh newborn lifestyle_0030walsh newborn lifestyle_0031walsh newborn lifestyle_0028Thanks so much for letting me capture this special new time for your family!