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Jen+Matt | Wedding Coonamessett Inn, Falmouth MA

We spent a gorgeous day in June at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth MA for Jen+Matt’s wedding.  It was an amazing wedding and we absolutely love Jen+Matt.  They are such great people.  They have been dating since their senior year of high school (one of their high school teachers was at the wedding!). Enjoy all the images!Jen+Matt_0002 Jen+Matt_0003 Jen+Matt_0004 jen+matt_0005 jen+matt_0006 jen+matt_0007 jen+matt_0008 jen+matt_0009 jen+matt_0010 jen+matt_0011 jen+matt_0012 jen+matt_0013 jen+matt_0014 jen+matt_0015 jen+matt_0016 jen+matt_0017 jen+matt_0018 jen+matt_0019 jen+matt_0020 jen+matt_0021 jen+matt_0022 jen+matt_0023 jen+matt_0024 jen+matt_0025 jen+matt_0026 jen+matt_0027 jen+matt_0028 jen+matt_0029 jen+matt_0030jen+matt_0032jen+matt_0033jen+matt_0034 jen+matt_0035jen+matt_0036jen+matt_0037jen+matt_0038jen+matt_0039jen+matt_0040Jen you are absolutely stunning gorgeous bride!jen+matt_0041jen+matt_0042jen+matt_0043jen+matt_0044jen+matt_0045jen+matt_0046jen+matt_0047jen+matt_0048Jen+Matt didn’t want to do a first look (some of our couples opt to do a first look and some don’t), but Jen did want to take a fun photo together without seeing each other.  We set it up with this doorway at the Inn and instructed Matt to just look straight ahead and not to peek.jen+matt_0049jen+matt_0050jen+matt_0031 jen+matt_0051 jen+matt_0052 jen+matt_0053 jen+matt_0054 jen+matt_0055 jen+matt_0056 jen+matt_0057 jen+matt_0058 jen+matt_0059 jen+matt_0060 jen+matt_0061 jen+matt_0062 jen+matt_0063 jen+matt_0064 jen+matt_0065 jen+matt_0066 jen+matt_0067 jen+matt_0068 jen+matt_0069 jen+matt_0070 jen+matt_0071 jen+matt_0072 After the ceremony we headed to the beach not too far from the Coonamessett Inn for portraits.  We had amazing light and a gorgeous beach for photos. jen+matt_0073 jen+matt_0074 jen+matt_0075 jen+matt_0076 jen+matt_0077 jen+matt_0078 jen+matt_0079 jen+matt_0080 jen+matt_0081 jen+matt_0082 jen+matt_0083 jen+matt_0084 jen+matt_0085 jen+matt_0086 jen+matt_0087 jen+matt_0088 jen+matt_0089 jen+matt_0090 jen+matt_0091 jen+matt_0092 jen+matt_0093 jen+matt_0094 jen+matt_0095 jen+matt_0096 jen+matt_0097 jen+matt_0098 jen+matt_0099 jen+matt_0100 jen+matt_0101 jen+matt_0102 jen+matt_0103 jen+matt_0104 jen+matt_0105 jen+matt_0106 jen+matt_0107 So many sweet moments during Jen+Matt’s first dance.jen+matt_0108 jen+matt_0109 jen+matt_0110 jen+matt_0111 jen+matt_0112 jen+matt_0113 jen+matt_0114 jen+matt_0115 jen+matt_0116 jen+matt_0117 jen+matt_0118 jen+matt_0119 jen+matt_0120 We snuck outside for a few more photos with just Jen+Matt during the reception before the sun went down.  I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous pond. jen+matt_0121 jen+matt_0122 jen+matt_0123 jen+matt_0124After all the formalities of the night it was time to get the party started and the dance floor was packed all night long!
jen+matt_0125jen+matt_0127jen+matt_0128jen+matt_0129jen+matt_0130jen+matt_0131jen+matt_0126 The DJ (Mike from Makin’ Entertainment) kept the floor packed all night long!  Jen use to teach/coach his daughters in Gymnastics!jen+matt_0132 jen+matt_0133 jen+matt_0134 jen+matt_0135 jen+matt_0136 jen+matt_0137 jen+matt_0147jen+matt_0138 jen+matt_0139jen+matt_0140 jen+matt_0141jen+matt_0142jen+matt_0143jen+matt_0144jen+matt_0145jen+matt_0146

To view all the images from the day:

All the Details!!

Hair Stylist:
Beyond Beauty of Cape Cod
Tammy & Hilary

Flowers by Steve

Makeup Artist:
Beyond Beauty of Cape Cod

Casual Gourmet

Band or DJ:
Makin’ Entertainment
Michael Dinsmore

Jeanette Jones

Well Spun Weddings

Bridal Dress Designer:

Bridesmaid Dress Designer:
Bill Levkoff from Chantilly Place

Mr+Mrs Drew Photography


Kelsey+Bob’s Winter Engagement Session | Groton MA

Thanks to the never ending winter we had this year in New England. We were able to shoot Kelsey+Bob’s engagement session at the end of March and still have snow all over.  Kelsey and Bob will be getting married this coming December and really wanted a snowy session.  We met up with them at their friends house in Groton and it was the perfect backdrop for the session.

Enjoy the images & thanks for letting us capture this special time in your life Kelsey+Bob!

Kelsey+Bob_0002 Kelsey+Bob_0003 Kelsey+Bob_0004 Kelsey+Bob_0005 Kelsey+Bob_0006 Kelsey+Bob_0007 Kelsey+Bob_0008 Kelsey+Bob_0009 Kelsey+Bob_0010 Kelsey+Bob_0011 Kelsey+Bob_0012 Kelsey+Bob_0013Kelsey+Bob_0014Kelsey+Bob_0015Kelsey+Bob_0016Kelsey+Bob_0017 Kelsey+Bob_0018 Kelsey+Bob_0019 Kelsey+Bob_0020 Kelsey+Bob_0021 Kelsey+Bob_0022 Kelsey+Bob_0023 Kelsey+Bob_0024 Kelsey+Bob_0025 Kelsey+Bob_0026 Kelsey+Bob_0027 Kelsey+Bob_0028 Kelsey+Bob_0029 Kelsey+Bob_0030 Kelsey+Bob_0031 Kelsey+Bob_0032 Kelsey+Bob_0033 Kelsey+Bob_0034 Kelsey+Bob_0035 Kelsey+Bob_0036 Kelsey+Bob_0037 Kelsey+Bob_0038 Kelsey+Bob_0039 Kelsey+Bob_0040 Kelsey+Bob_0041 Kelsey+Bob_0042 Kelsey+Bob_0043 Kelsey+Bob_0044 Kelsey+Bob_0045 Kelsey+Bob_0001 Kelsey+Bob_0046 Kelsey+Bob_0047 Kelsey+Bob_0048

We wanted to share the most recent wedding album we’ve delivered as well as share the news of the new album company we have started using.  Your wedding images belong in an album! It’s just a fact, they weren’t meant to live on your usb drive or on facebook.  They are meant to be enjoyed and treasured and the best way to do that is with a wedding album.  There are many options for albums and it can be overwhelming to decide but we’ve made that process easier by finding this amazing company for you.  We love Madera books and wish we started using them sooner.

I could go on and on about the album, but honestly the images of the album do all the talking for me.

This album is a 10×10 leather album in Khaki leather and comes in a stunning presentation box.

madera album_0001 madera album_0002 madera album_0003 madera album_0004 madera album_0005 madera album_0006 madera album_0007 madera album_0008 madera album_0009I can’t stress it enough, don’t skimp on your album!!  It’s something you’ll have for years to come and will share with your children and grandchildren.  Your images are meant to be viewed as prints and an album is the best way to tell the story of your wedding day!