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Holiday Cards 2011 Templates | Time & Love Collections by Gradybug Designs

Check out our new Holiday Cards.  We love the designs by the lovely photography design duo of Gradybug Designs.  We are also offering the cards we featured last year (also Gradybugs designs!!).  So if you loved one of last year designs you can still order them.  2010 Holiday Cards, 2010 Luxe Holiday Cards.  If you see something you like but want it tweaked a bit we can do that, colors and text can all be changed!  Want a Happy New Year Card?  We can do that for you! Love one of the designs as a birth announcement or save the date.  They can work for those occasions too.  That’s why we love Gradybug their designs are so versatile.


We have 2 new collections: Christmas Time

Christmas Time Square

5×5 flat card $50

Christmas Time Round (can also be a square card).

5×5 flat round luxe card $65

5×5 flat square card $50

Christmas Time Ornate (can also be a rectangular card)

5×7 flat ornate luxe card $65

5×7 flat rectangular card $50

Christmas Time 3

5×7 flat rectangular card $50

Christmas Time 2

5×7 flat rectangular card $50

Christmas Time 1

5×7 flat rectangular card $50


Our other new collection: Christmas Love

Christmas Love Round (can also be square)

5×5 flat round luxe card $65

5×5 flat square card $50

Christmas Love 4

5×7 flat rectangular card $50


Christmas Love 2

5×7 flat rectangular card $50


Christmas Love 1

5×7 flat rectangular card $50

Custom designed photo guestbook | Products

One of the benefits of having an engagement session is you have the opportunity to get a photo guestbook.  Instead of a boring guestbook that you might never look at again, this guestbook features images from your engagement session with space around the images for your wedding guests to sign and write notes.  A bonus is you get to show off your great images from the engagement session.  We’ve been offering photo guestbooks but just got a new sample in from WHCC and are excited to show it off.

These books are all custom designed for each couple.  The standard book is a 10×10 with 20 pages, we can always add additional pages if you’d like. The book features hinged pages that lay flat making it easy for your guests to sign the book.  Our sample features an image wrap cover, but you can also have a leather or fabric cover if you prefer.  Another option is adding little questions or prompts to the book.  You can ask your guests for marriage advice, names for your first child, or their favorite memory they have of you.  The possibilities are endless.  I’ve thrown in a few images of Katie & Kevin’s actually guestbook.  They decided to go with a charcoal grey leather cover with silver foiling on the cover.

Here is a few images from Katie & Kevin’s actually guestbook.  The design is very similar on the inside, just a few tweaks here and there.  The major difference is the leather cover with their names on the cover.  Katie wanted a really timeless neutral look for the cover.  I think no matter what, whether you choose the image wrap cover or a leather cover you can’t go wrong.

Image Box & Prints | Cool New Product

I have been waiting to show off this new product for what has felt like forever!  It was a gift so I couldn’t post it on the blog.  Now that the Holidays are over and the gift has been given I can finally share it with the rest of you.

Image Box with mounted prints & easel

This is a great option if you love all the photos from your session or if you are going to do the first year package (several sessions over the course of the first year, typically newborn, 4 months, 8 months & 1 year).  We can design and print the image box from the first session and then you can order more prints from each following session.  By the end of the year you’ll have an image box full of images.   You can display your images on the included easel or if you’d like to frame them you can also do that.  This image box includes 10×10 inch prints but they are also available in other sizes.  We think the 10×10 is the best size when using the hand-drawn borders (you can get full frame prints instead).

We also got back a few prints that I had mounted on mattboard.  It’s a nice option because it makes your prints a bit sturdier then just loose prints.  These can also be displayed on an easel or propped up on a mantel.  The left image is an 8×10 and the right image is a 5×7 (a smaller easel would work better for this print).  We can help you find the perfect easel or you can find a variety of styles at arts & craft stores.