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Tewksbury Country Club_0032

Elise+Joe | Tewksbury Country Club Wedding

We spent 12/13/14 photographing the lovely and intimate wedding of Elise and Joe at the Tewksbury Country Club.  It was our first time at the venue, which is surprising since it’s so close to us.  We loved shooting at the Country Club the staff was great and kept everything on track. We started the morning getting ready in the bridal suite at the Country Club. 
Tewksbury Country Club_0001 Tewksbury Country Club_0002 Tewksbury Country Club_0004 Tewksbury Country Club_0005Tewksbury Country Club_0006The doors at in the bridal suite create the perfect frame for the image of Elise’s lace wedding dress. Tewksbury Country Club_0003 Tewksbury Country Club_0008 Tewksbury Country Club_0009I was in love with Elise’s shoes.  I thought the leaf pattern was so unique.
Tewksbury Country Club_0010 Tewksbury Country Club_0011 We took a few minutes before the ceremony for some portraits of Elise.  You are gorgeous girl!!Tewksbury Country Club_0014 Tewksbury Country Club_0013 While Elise was getting ready, the kids were having fun running around, excited for the wedding ceremony to start. Tewksbury Country Club_0007 Tewksbury Country Club_0015 Drew snuck outside with Joe for a few portraits on the deck outside the ceremony space. Tewksbury Country Club_0016 Tewksbury Country Club_0017 Tewksbury Country Club_0018 Tewksbury Country Club_0019 Tewksbury Country Club_0020 Tewksbury Country Club_0021 Tewksbury Country Club_0022 Tewksbury Country Club_0023 Elise and Joe had a sweet and meaningful ceremony which included the kids. Tewksbury Country Club_0024 Tewksbury Country Club_0025 Tewksbury Country Club_0026 Tewksbury Country Club_0027 We then snuck downstairs to the large ballroom for some portraits in front of the fireplace. The Tewksbury Country Club looked lovely all decorated for Christmas.  That’s definitely a perk of having your wedding around the Holidays!Tewksbury Country Club_0028 Tewksbury Country Club_0029 Tewksbury Country Club_0030 Tewksbury Country Club_0031Next we braved the cold and went outside for a bit.  Like I mentioned it was crisp but not too cold, we really lucked out.  Elise and Joe’s were troopers and didn’t complain one bit of it being cold.
Tewksbury Country Club_0032 Tewksbury Country Club_0033 Tewksbury Country Club_0034 Tewksbury Country Club_0035 Tewksbury Country Club_0036 Tewksbury Country Club_0037 Tewksbury Country Club_0038 Tewksbury Country Club_0039 Tewksbury Country Club_0040 Tewksbury Country Club_0041 Tewksbury Country Club_0042 Tewksbury Country Club_0043 Tewksbury Country Club_0044 Next it was time for dinner, this is when I typically grab the rings and take some detail shots of them. Tewksbury Country Club_0045 Tewksbury Country Club_0046 Tewksbury Country Club_0050 Tewksbury Country Club_0049 Tewksbury Country Club_0051 We ended the day with a couple shots in front of the Country club and then it was time for us to leave and let Elise and Joe enjoy the rest of the reception.  Tewksbury Country Club_0047 Tewksbury Country Club_0048Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day Elise and Joe!  It was a lovely winter wedding.

The Details!

Wedding Coordinator & Venue: Tewksbury Country Club, Melissa Sponholtz

Hair Stylist: coming soon

Florist: coming soon

Bakery: coming soon

Officiant: coming soon

Bridal Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero from Chantilly Place

Photography: Your’s Truly ;) Mr+Mrs Drew Photography


We wanted to share the most recent wedding album we’ve delivered as well as share the news of the new album company we have started using.  Your wedding images belong in an album! It’s just a fact, they weren’t meant to live on your usb drive or on facebook.  They are meant to be enjoyed and treasured and the best way to do that is with a wedding album.  There are many options for albums and it can be overwhelming to decide but we’ve made that process easier by finding this amazing company for you.  We love Madera books and wish we started using them sooner.

I could go on and on about the album, but honestly the images of the album do all the talking for me.

This album is a 10×10 leather album in Khaki leather and comes in a stunning presentation box.

madera album_0001 madera album_0002 madera album_0003 madera album_0004 madera album_0005 madera album_0006 madera album_0007 madera album_0008 madera album_0009I can’t stress it enough, don’t skimp on your album!!  It’s something you’ll have for years to come and will share with your children and grandchildren.  Your images are meant to be viewed as prints and an album is the best way to tell the story of your wedding day!



Teresa+Jake | Wedding | St Anne’s Littleton & Devens Common Center

We had a fabulous fall day for Teresa+Jakes wedding at the end of October.  It was perfect weather and we had a great time celebrating with Teresa, Jake and all their family and friends.  We started the day at Teresa’s parents house where we did a first look.  Then we made our way over to a pumpkin patch where we were brought out to a field on a tractor.  Finally after all that fun, we made it to St. Anne’s in Littleton for the ceremony.  It was a beautiful ceremony that celebrated Teresa and Jakes love.  Finally it was time to dance the night away during the reception at the Devens Common Center (a venue that we have been lucky to shoot at before…You might remember Carla+John’s wedding there).Teresa+Jake_0003 Teresa+Jake_0001 Teresa+Jake_0002 Teresa+Jake_0004 Teresa+Jake_0006 Teresa+Jake_0005 Teresa+Jake_0007 Teresa+Jake_0008 Teresa+Jake_0011 Teresa+Jake_0009 Teresa+Jake_0010 Teresa+Jake_0013 Teresa+Jake_0027 Teresa+Jake_0014 Teresa+Jake_0012 Teresa+Jake_0015 Teresa+Jake_0016 Teresa+Jake_0017 Teresa+Jake_0018 Teresa+Jake_0019 Teresa+Jake_0020 Teresa+Jake_0021 Teresa+Jake_0022 Teresa+Jake_0023 Teresa+Jake_0026 Teresa+Jake_0024 Teresa+Jake_0025 Teresa+Jake_0028 Teresa+Jake_0029 Teresa+Jake_0030 Teresa+Jake_0032 Teresa+Jake_0031 Teresa+Jake_0033 Teresa+Jake_0039 Teresa+Jake_0036 Teresa+Jake_0038 Teresa+Jake_0037 Teresa+Jake_0034 Teresa+Jake_0035 Teresa+Jake_0040 Teresa+Jake_0042 Teresa+Jake_0041 Teresa+Jake_0046 Teresa+Jake_0044 Teresa+Jake_0045 Teresa+Jake_0048 Teresa+Jake_0043 Teresa+Jake_0047 Teresa+Jake_0049 Teresa+Jake_0050 Teresa+Jake_0051 Teresa+Jake_0052 Teresa+Jake_0053 Teresa+Jake_0054 Teresa+Jake_0055 Teresa+Jake_0056 Teresa+Jake_0057 Teresa+Jake_0058 Teresa+Jake_0059 Teresa+Jake_0060 Teresa+Jake_0061 Teresa+Jake_0062 Teresa+Jake_0064 Teresa+Jake_0063 Teresa+Jake_0068 Teresa+Jake_0065 Teresa+Jake_0066 Teresa+Jake_0067 Teresa+Jake_0069 Teresa+Jake_0070 Teresa+Jake_0071 Teresa+Jake_0072 Teresa+Jake_0073 Teresa+Jake_0075 Teresa+Jake_0074 Teresa+Jake_0077 Teresa+Jake_0076 Teresa+Jake_0079 Teresa+Jake_0080 Teresa+Jake_0081 Teresa+Jake_0082 Teresa+Jake_0083 Teresa+Jake_0086 Teresa+Jake_0092 Teresa+Jake_0078 Teresa+Jake_0091 Teresa+Jake_0084 Teresa+Jake_0087 Teresa+Jake_0085 Teresa+Jake_0093 Teresa+Jake_0089 Teresa+Jake_0090 Teresa+Jake_0088Thanks again for letting us be a part of your day!

The Details!

Wedding Coordinator & Venue: Devens Common Center, Jennifer Roy

Hair Stylist: Elite Hair Design and Day Spa

Florist: Black Iris Florist – Megan Davis

Bakery: Joyce’s Pies & Bakery

DJ: World Record DJs

Officiant: Deacon Bill Dwyer

Videographer: AVR Videography

Bridal Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero from Chantilly Place

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff from Chantilly Place

Photography: Your’s Truly ;) Mr+Mrs Drew Photography