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Walsh Family | Lifestyle Newborn Session

I spent some time recently with one of my favorite families to photograph!  Erin+Matt were one of our first maternity sessions and then since then I’ve shot their first son’s newborn sessions & many family sessions.  This past Fall I shot the maternity session and a couple weeks ago it was time to meet their second sweet little boy.  Erin loves interior design so I knew their house would be lovely to shoot in, it did not disappoint.

Little tidbit that I just loved, their oldest son loves Star Wars, so throughout the shoot him and I were talking all about it.  I had a Jabba the Hutt action figure help “hold” my camera for a couple of the family shots ;)

Enjoy some of my favorites from their lifestyle newborn/family session.

walsh newborn lifestyle_0001-1 walsh newborn lifestyle_0002 walsh newborn lifestyle_0003 walsh newborn lifestyle_0004 walsh newborn lifestyle_0005 walsh newborn lifestyle_0006 walsh newborn lifestyle_0007 walsh newborn lifestyle_0008 walsh newborn lifestyle_0009 walsh newborn lifestyle_0010 walsh newborn lifestyle_0011 walsh newborn lifestyle_0012 walsh newborn lifestyle_0013 walsh newborn lifestyle_0014 walsh newborn lifestyle_0015 walsh newborn lifestyle_0016 walsh newborn lifestyle_0017 walsh newborn lifestyle_0018 walsh newborn lifestyle_0019 walsh newborn lifestyle_0020 walsh newborn lifestyle_0021 walsh newborn lifestyle_0022 walsh newborn lifestyle_0023 walsh newborn lifestyle_0024 walsh newborn lifestyle_0026walsh newborn lifestyle_0025 walsh newborn lifestyle_0027walsh newborn lifestyle_0029walsh newborn lifestyle_0030walsh newborn lifestyle_0031walsh newborn lifestyle_0028Thanks so much for letting me capture this special new time for your family!


Meghan+Matthew | Salem Waterfront Hotel | Wedding

We spent a sunny day in March with this sweet couple in Salem, MA (Where Andrew and I met when we were both at Salem State).  We love the chance to shoot in Salem as there are so many lovely venues in the area.  This wedding the ceremony was at the Immaculate Conception Church with the reception just a quick walk at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.  Below are some of our favorite images from the day!

meg+matt_0001 It was a lovely day in March, not too chilly, so the girls walked from the hotel to the church.  meg+matt_0002 meg+matt_0003 While waiting for the ceremony to start one of the flower girls (who was Meghan’s niece) was a little pouty.  I thought it was a cute moment.  The bride was telling her that she couldn’t wait for her wedding day so she could pay her back and be pouty.  meg+matt_0004 meg+matt_0061meg+matt_0005meg+matt_0006 meg+matt_0007meg+matt_0008I absolutely love this image from the ceremony.  Immaculate Conception is such a pretty church, very light and airy.
meg+matt_0009meg+matt_0010meg+matt_0011meg+matt_0012meg+matt_0013meg+matt_0014meg+matt_0015meg+matt_0016meg+matt_0017meg+matt_0018meg+matt_0029meg+matt_0019meg+matt_0020meg+matt_0021meg+matt_0022meg+matt_0023meg+matt_0028meg+matt_0024meg+matt_0025meg+matt_0026meg+matt_0027After the ceremony we had just a handful of minutes for some photos because another wedding was scheduled.  We quickly got through all our family portraits and then made our way back to the Salem Waterfront Hotel. meg+matt_0030meg+matt_0031meg+matt_0032 meg+matt_0033meg+matt_0034meg+matt_0035 meg+matt_0036meg+matt_0037meg+matt_0038 It was the middle of the day with barely a cloud in the sky so we found this little patio on the side of the hotel for portraits.meg+matt_0039meg+matt_0040 meg+matt_0041meg+matt_0042meg+matt_0043meg+matt_0044meg+matt_0045meg+matt_0046meg+matt_0047meg+matt_0049 After finishing up with the wedding party we made our way behind the hotel for some more portraits.  We wanted to head on over to where the Friendship is docked but the bride had already done some research and knew the masts were down.meg+matt_0048meg+matt_0050meg+matt_0051meg+matt_0052meg+matt_0053meg+matt_0054meg+matt_0055meg+matt_0056meg+matt_0057meg+matt_0058meg+matt_0059meg+matt_0060After finishing up portraits we had a bit of time to capture all the details of the reception before the guests came into the room.  The nautical theme was found throughout the room, in all the details. meg+matt_0062 meg+matt_0063 meg+matt_0064 meg+matt_0065 meg+matt_0066 meg+matt_0067 I love capturing the first dance and parents dances.  It allows for so many sweet moments. meg+matt_0068 meg+matt_0069 meg+matt_0070 meg+matt_0071 meg+matt_0072 meg+matt_0073 meg+matt_0074 meg+matt_0075 meg+matt_0076 meg+matt_0077 meg+matt_0078 meg+matt_0079 After all the formalities were done it was time for dancing.  I won’t lie, I was a little worried that the dance floor would be empty because it was a daytime reception.  Boy were we wrong!  Meghan and Matt’s family and friends had the dance floor filled till the end of the reception. meg+matt_0080 meg+matt_0081 meg+matt_0082 meg+matt_0083 meg+matt_0084 meg+matt_0085 meg+matt_0086 meg+matt_0087The wedding finished up right after sunset.  We took Meghan and Matt outside for one last photo before heading home for the evening!
meg+matt_0088Thank you so much for letting us capture your wedding day!  It was a day filled with love and you are such a sweet couple.  We wish you many years of happiness together.




Meghan+Matthew | Engagement Session | Chelmsford MA

We are excited for Meghan and Matt’s wedding this weekend, taking place in our college stomping grounds (where Andrew and I met), Salem MA.  I met up with Meghan and Matt last week to do a fun take on an engagement session.  We met at the town hall in Chelmsford when they were picking up their marriage license.  It was of course a super chilly day, within a week of mild weather.  We took advantage of the great light in the stairwell at town hall and then they bravely posed outside for a few shots.  I kept telling them, since it is so chilly today, it means we’ll have better wedding on your wedding day!  It looks like that will be the case with less then a week till their wedding (but you can never tell how quickly the weather can change in New England).

Enjoy some of our favorites from their session!

MM-Engaged_0001 MM-Engaged_0002 MM-Engaged_0003 MM-Engaged_0004 MM-Engaged_0005 MM-Engaged_0006 MM-Engaged_0007 MM-Engaged_0008 MM-Engaged_0009 MM-Engaged_0010 MM-Engaged_0011 MM-Engaged_0012 MM-Engaged_0013 MM-Engaged_0014 MM-Engaged_0015 MM-Engaged_0016 MM-Engaged_0017 MM-Engaged_0018 MM-Engaged_0019 MM-Engaged_0020 MM-Engaged_0021 MM-Engaged_0022 MM-Engaged_0023 MM-Engaged_0024