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Portrait Party | have fun & get great portraits of your kids!

I use to sell Lia Sophia jewelry and am familiar with the different at home “parties”.  I love how it’s a great excuse to invite your friends over.  You get to browse some cool products and if you want, purchase something.  All the while the hostess is earning some cool products.  I have also been thinking about how I can reach new clients and offer something where the initial investment is lower then our standard sessions.  I put those 2 ideas together and have come up with the idea of Portrait Parties.

Let me give you a brief overview of how a portrait party works.

You have an adorable child and decide you want to host a party so you can get a free session & hopefully some discounted prints.  The party can be at your house or a nearby park.  You invite your friends who also have kids to the party (about 4-7 kids max).  The cost is $35 (per child) to attend the party, this covers my time shooting and editing the images.  They also receive a credit for an 8×10 print (they can upgrade to a larger print if they’d like too).  As the hostess of the party the $35 session fee is waved.  The party lasts about 2-2.5 hours and I am shooting the entire time.  I spend 10-15 minutes with each child to grab some shots of them as well as shooting while they are all playing together.  48 hours after the party I will have edited and uploaded the images to our client site.  Each guest gets their own gallery with about 15-20 images.  Your guests have 2 weeks to order additional prints or products.  With each purchase your guests make you get closer to earning a free 1-1.5 hour portrait session and discounts off prints & products from the portrait party.

If you are interested in hosting a party you can contact me at amanda@mrdrewphotography.com

Portrait Party FAQ:

What are the advantages for me and my guests?

  • Low Session fee + 8×10 print credit.
  • Online gallery viewing within 48 hours.
  • NO buying at the party (no pressure)
  • Credit Cards accepted (through paypal)
  • Hostess receives portrait credit rewards from orders & a free standard portrait session

How many people do I invite?

  • We will provide you with invitations and a save the date file for emailing.
  • You need to have 4 minimum sittings different sittings scheduled for the party (7 maximum).
  • The online gallery will be available within 48 hours of the party.
  • The galleries will be live for 14 days for your guests to order!

How much do the pictures cost my guests? Do you charge outrageous per print fees?

  • We have standard portrait prices plus a few Portrait Party only specials.
  • We’ll email you our product guide which you can share with your guests before the party.

What are my responsibilities as the hostess of the Portrait Party?

  • Invite your family and friends over for a fun few hours.
  • An area large enough for the portraits away from the main party ~ preferably an outdoor setting.  (We can also meet up at a nearby park)
  • Providing a light refreshment for your guests is always welcomed.
  • Invite at 4-7 children (and parents) to your portrait party.

What are the benefits to hosting a Portrait Party?

  • You will receive portrait rewards based on the total party’s sales (10% of the parties sales)
  • If your guest orders total $800 you also earn a certificate for a free family session for anytime (expires in one calender year)
  • You can earn a 5×5 20 page lay flat album if your guests decide to schedule a portrait party of their own.

I will send you all the information needed so you can start inviting your friends to your portrait party.  The $35 fee is required from each guest to reserve their spot at the portrait party (they can pay by check or paypal).  I will also need their email addresses so I can send them important portrait party info.


The first to inquire and host a portrait party gets a free 11×14 print from the party so don’t wait!

A day at the park with Prue | Personal Portraits

We are dying for Spring to come here at the Correia household (who isn’t in New England?).  Yesterday was Sunny and in the low 50’s so Prue and I went for a walk and ended up at a small park near our house.  She was super excited to play on the swing and run around outside.  After playing for a little bit we headed home.  I am glad we got out yesterday as today it’s been a dreary rainy day.  That’s the weather in New England for ya in the Spring.  I think tomorrow is suppose to be sunny again, fingers crossed that we start to get more sunny and warm days.  Enjoy Prue being the sassy little girl that she is.



Totally Adorable Paper Cameras | Etsy

I found this on one of the blogs I read (shout out to Making it Lovely).  She does a weekly round up of things she finds on the interwebs that are just so great she wants to share them.   She shared these paper cameras by etsy seller Mel Stringer (you can read her blog at www.melstringer.blogspot.com)

Are you ready for super cute paper cameras!!!!  First are some Polaroid cameras (they even come with little illustrations in the style of Polaroid prints)  Next up are a stylized simple camera.  She says when she draws cameras this is the style she usually draws.

Perfect Paper Polaroid Cameras - includes 2 colours (baby blue and powder pink) - Printable PDF paper craft project

Perfect Paper Polaroid Cameras

Perfect Paper Polaroid Cameras - includes 2 colours (baby blue and powder pink) - Printable PDF paper craft project

Perfect Paper Polaroid Cameras

Printable  SPECIAL - - 7 Box Baby CAMERAS, pastel colours -  Printable Paper Craft PDF file (includes all 7 colours)

7 Box Baby CAMERAS, pastel colours

I just had to share this etsy seller.  The great thing about her cameras are they are pdf files that you get to print out so you can print out as many as you want or need.  I’m envisioning these being used a little party favors or a party activity to do with kids.  Prue is totally having a camera themed birthday party now!!