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A morning at the DeCordova | Family Portrait Session, Lincoln MA

We had the pleasure of hanging out with the Farber Family recently at the DeCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln MA.  Leigh had the great idea of going to the sculpture park. then we found out it was Family Sculpture Fest which meant there would be tons of families at the park.  We went back and forth but finally decided the park was large enough & we got there early enough so it wasn’t too busy.  We had a contingency plan to head to a different location if it was too busy.  Lucky for us it wasn’t.  I thought the Jim Dine hearts would make a great location so we headed there first (I want my own family photo in front of the hearts!)  We just let the girls play & explore while sneaking in a few “posed” shots.  I think this is the best approach for families with young children that don’t have the patience to pose for photos.
If I had to make a guess I’d say Jenna & Maya had fun.  Leigh has told me since that Jenna (their older daughter) has been pretending to be me at home.  She has her binoculars (her camera) & a bag on her shoulder (my shootsac) and goes around the house pretending to be me saying “I Amanda! Not gym class Amanda, Amanda from the lake taking pictures” (Her gym teacher is also named Amanda) I laughed so hard when Leigh first told me, little kids are too funny.  Hopefully Jenna & I will be able to hang out again soon :)

Maya practicing her walking with Mom.  I love how happy she is here.  She really is such a happy little girl.

Jenna liked all the big rocks & tried sitting on so many of them, she finally chose this big one to sit on and have a snack with Dad :)

AYKM with those big blue eyes!  They are so blue & so clear!

Dad was using the cat tail (?) to tickle Maya.  We need to have those in our camera bags for future shoots!

The Jim Dine sculpture is made up of 2 giant hearts with all kinds of bits & pieces attached to it.   You could look at it forever and play a game pointing out all the random things.  Tea kettles, hands, shoes, tools.  The girls had fun pointing everything out.

Some of the interactive Sculptures at the park.  Jenna had fun making music & Maya had fun taking the pine cones out of this Sculpture.

Scott is lucky to have 2 little girls who love Daddy so much!  They both wanted to be held by Scott for this photo.  Maya basically jumped ship from Mom to Dad.  Leigh had a good sense of humor about it.

A little peek-a-boo is always fun.

Jenna was posing like this Sculpture which sort of looked like a guy with his arms crossed.  She also had fun pretending to be going home a the artist studios.  She took her lunch bag & her purse and kept saying goodbye to use while walking up these stairs.

This is my favorite image of Leigh & Maya.  We had fun playing peek-a-boo with the round cut outs of this Sculpture.  Then I was able to grab this sweet moment between the two of them.

Thanks for allowing us to spend a fun morning with you all!  We had a great time & look forward to doing it again :)  Jenna & Maya are adorable, sweet little girls & we can’t wait to watch them grow up.  We’ve got to get Jenna her own little camera so she can practice and become our assistant!

Amanda (MrsDrew)