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Mr. S’s Newborn Session

Introducing Mr. S :) Congrats to Jen & Jason on the birth of their little nugget.  I got to hang out with baby S a couple of weeks ago.  This little guy did an awesome job sleeping & it was warm enough when we did he session that we were able to shoot these outside in their yard.  Luckily Jason was able to make it home from work before we were finished and we were able to capture a few photos of the new family.  I love shooting newborns because it gives me a chance to snuggle on tiny little babies.  Luckily the moms don’t usually mind :)
Enjoy your preview Jen & Jason.  The proofs will be posted asap!

Don’t you just want to nibble on those little toes, so tiny & cute!

This one with him trying to suck on his fingers…my fave! This one would make a great large print or standout hung in their home.  Who wouldn’t love to see this photo everyday?  I love how Jen & Jason are looking at S, you can see the joy on their faces!

Grady + Peach Easter Portraits | Children Portraits Mini Session

Grady and Georgia (though we all call her Peach) are the children of my dear friend Dee (and her awesome husband George)!  I use to work with Dee and during that time we became very good friends.  I like to think Peach & Prue are going to grow up to be good friends too (they are only a few months apart.  Dee and I were pregnant at the same time).  Dee wanted me to do an Easter Mini Session, but it wasn’t something that I could get scheduled.  Instead I told her I’d come to her home and do a mini session for her at her house.  We had a great time, Grady and Peach did a great job during the shoot.  They are two adorable kids & I look forward to many more sessions in the future.  I just love Peach in her Easter hat, isn’t it super cute & Grady is looking so handsome in his shirt and vest.

Dee, thanks again for having me come to your home to capture your two lovely kids.  It’s always fun to see you all.  If you are interested in a mini session check out our portrait site for more information www.portraits.mrdrewphotography.com

Spaghetti Prue | Personal Portraits

I opened up Lightroom today to start editing and this is what greeted me.  I had to share it.  Drew hasn’t selected which photo is the one for yesterday but I am guessing it’s this one.  We take a photo everyday of Prue.