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Cole 6 months | An adorable little guy

Just last week went to visit my good friends at their home to shoot Cole’s 6 month session.  I can’t believe this little nugget is getting so big!  We had lots of fun and he did a great job sitting up for us.  I think shooting 6 month olds is a new fave of mine.  You don’t have to stress about them sleeping (like with newborn sessions) and they aren’t at the point where they are walking, so you don’t have to chase them around!

We had fun changing his outfit!  I love the little boys in jeans and shirtless, it is timeless and super cute to show off all the rolls!

Sometimes you need to hangout with your bears!  I ransacked Prue’s collection of bears and brought them up.  Some of you will recognize Schlepp (this was a fun idea, but he kept sliding down so it was something we only shot a few images of)

I love his eyes in this image!  Such a sweet look from a sweet little boy :)

I usually keep shooting when babies start crying, it’s good to document all the emotions they have.  (obviously if they are crying because they are nervous because they don’t know me, that is a different story).  I think Cole was mad that he was on his stomach, he doesn’t really like tummy time.

Can you even handle the cuteness of the hat! He loves the driving toy on the right, at one point I was shooting while also holding this toy in my arm so I could make noises to get his attention!  I was pretty proud of my multi-tasking abilities!

A little fun time with mom!

Watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Thanks for being a great model Coley!

Lots of love, hugs & kisses -Auntie Amanda