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WellPet Portraits | Corporate Portraits

We recently shot a few of the employees and their pets at WellPet’s corporate office.  We shot a maternity session for Erin who works for WellPet.  They were looking to update their website with some images.  We are going to be shooting more of the employees once the weather warms up a bit and everything gets a little greener.  While waiting for that to happen (who knows how long it will be before we are truly in the midst of Spring) we decided it would be a good idea to shoot just a few employees at the office.  This way they had some options for the updated website.

For all those photographers that regularly shoot pets and their owners…I have a new found respect for you!  We had a blast shooting this, the dogs (and cat) were all super cute and really great, but you really just have to shoot, shoot, shoot and hope for the best at times.  We had a squeaky toy and used that to get their attention, but at times that wasn’t the greatest because then they wanted to come over and check us out.  I quickly realized that having too many people around while shooting was a distraction to the dogs (and really the same thing applies with kids & adults).  Once we sent everyone who wasn’t needed away the pets calmed down much more.

Enjoy the images.


Spaghetti Prue | Personal Portraits

I opened up Lightroom today to start editing and this is what greeted me.  I had to share it.  Drew hasn’t selected which photo is the one for yesterday but I am guessing it’s this one.  We take a photo everyday of Prue.

Our Real Wedding Feature over on de Lovely Affair | Blog Feature

I love facebook!  It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends & family.  It’s also great for us as a business.  I started following Melissa over at de Lovely Affair on facebook a few months ago and would comment on posts that were interesting to me.  Melissa posted something about fuschia and chartreuse being great wedding colors and I had to comment being they were the colors of our wedding.  Melissa asked if she could feature our wedding on her blog and I was happy to send her some images from our wedding.

Head on over to de Lovely Affair’s blog to see the full write up.  Thanks for featuring our wedding Melissa.  We look forward to having some weddings we’ve shot featured on the blog.