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Custom designed photo guestbook | Products

One of the benefits of having an engagement session is you have the opportunity to get a photo guestbook.  Instead of a boring guestbook that you might never look at again, this guestbook features images from your engagement session with space around the images for your wedding guests to sign and write notes.  A bonus is you get to show off your great images from the engagement session.  We’ve been offering photo guestbooks but just got a new sample in from WHCC and are excited to show it off.

These books are all custom designed for each couple.  The standard book is a 10×10 with 20 pages, we can always add additional pages if you’d like. The book features hinged pages that lay flat making it easy for your guests to sign the book.  Our sample features an image wrap cover, but you can also have a leather or fabric cover if you prefer.  Another option is adding little questions or prompts to the book.  You can ask your guests for marriage advice, names for your first child, or their favorite memory they have of you.  The possibilities are endless.  I’ve thrown in a few images of Katie & Kevin’s actually guestbook.  They decided to go with a charcoal grey leather cover with silver foiling on the cover.

Here is a few images from Katie & Kevin’s actually guestbook.  The design is very similar on the inside, just a few tweaks here and there.  The major difference is the leather cover with their names on the cover.  Katie wanted a really timeless neutral look for the cover.  I think no matter what, whether you choose the image wrap cover or a leather cover you can’t go wrong.

Why have an engagement session? | Advice from MrDrew Photography

I thought it might be helpful to highlight why an engagement session is such an important thing to do.  I often hear from couples that they don’t need to have it or they don’t want to do one.  Mostly it’s the people who are shy and perhaps a little nervous about being in front of the camera.  I totally get that you wouldn’t want an engagement session if you hate having your photo taken, but we promise we aren’t your standard photo shooting peeps.  We’ll make you feel comfortable and have FUN while we are doing it.  If you are nervous in front of the camera it’s actually more of a reason to have an engagement session!

So let’s go through the top 4 reasons why you should have an engagement session.

Reason 1:  Get to know your photographers better.

It’s hard to really get to know each couple during the initial consultation and then through email.  It’s so much better to get to know someone in person by hanging out, talking and laughing with them.  The engagement session is the perfect opportunity for that to happen.  You get to see how we work as photographers before the big day and we can get a feel for how you are as a couple.  We can start gauging how you naturally interact and what you feel comfortable doing.  You’ll be spending many hours with us on your wedding day.  Don’t you want to feel as comfortable as possible with us?  You’ll be spending more time with your photographer then you will be with probably anyone else on your wedding day take the time to get to know us by having an engagement session.

Reason 2: Get rid of the Butterflies

This one sort of falls into number 1, but I felt it needed to be separate as well.  I think this one relates to many grooms (there are also plenty of brides who fall into this category too).  You have it in your head that you always look ridiculous in photos and you hate having them taken.  Shooting an engagement session gives us a chance to show you that it isn’t the case.  Having us shoot a session is way different then what you are use to.  We aren’t your friend with a point and shoot having you smile all cheesy at the camera.  It’s better, we promise you!!  The engagement session is always way more relaxed then the wedding day so it’s a great time to get use to being in front of the camera.  We want to show the love between you and your fiance, sometimes it might feel weird to act that way while someone is taking your photo.  We promise you’ll feel more comfy and confident on your wedding day if we shoot an engagement session for you.

Reason 3: Go someplace you can’t for your wedding.

You try to select a venue that is really great and special to the two of you for your wedding.  Doing an engagement session lets you explore a theme or place that maybe you can’t on your wedding day.  Maybe you and your fiance are really into skate boarding, but for your wedding you want to do a really classy vintage event.  During your engagement session we can capture some shots of the two of you skating or doing whatever it is you really love.  Maybe you love the beach, but decided for your wedding you wanted a really urban feel.  We can still create some amazing images of you at the beach, even though your wedding isn’t on the beach.  We can go to the place you got engaged or the place you first met.  The session can be as casual or as fancy as you want.

Reason 4:  The images can be used for so much.

First and foremost the time in your relationship while you are engaged is such s fun and special time and for most couples it feels like it goes by so quickly.  You are so focused on the end (the big day) that sometimes you forget to enjoy just being engaged.  Shooting an engagement session forces you to slow down and take the time to enjoy each other.  Another plus is we now have these great images that can be used in so many other ways after.  You can use the images on save the dates or even more simply you can send an image of the two of you announcing your engagement.  You can use the images as part of your wedding decor.  We used images of us throughout the years as our table numbers.  You could do the same thing with the images from your session.  You can also use an image framed on display near the escort cards.  Our favorite use for images from the engagement session is a photo guest book.  The guest book is something that everyone has at their wedding, it’s one of those traditions, but how often after the wedding do you take it out and look at it.  If you do a photo guest book you have more of a reason to take it out and enjoy it.  We design the album with plenty of blank space for your guests to sign and write little notes to you.  You’ll love looking at it for years to come.

Take the time to schedule an engagement session, you won’t regret doing it.  We feel they are so important that we offer a 1 hour complimentary engagement session to couples who book us for an 8+ hour wedding.

Wedding Wednesday Etsy Finds| Succulent Design’s

I think brides are more often looking at alternatives to flowers these days.  I did a search for favors on etsy today and found this great option for favors or even centerpieces. Succulent Designs offers these amazing wreaths, but my favorite are the tiny succulents in the containers perfect for favors.  I love how they look all lined up.  They would look great on a long table with a row of these as centerpieces and then every guest would also get to take one home as a favor.  You could fill it in with some lovely white candles or a few larger arrangements of succulents.  I love when things can be used in 2 ways!

A bit about the shop owner: “I have been an avid container gardener for over 35 years, with a particular passion for designing with succulents. Now that I am retired and our children are grown and out of the nest, I’m blessed to be with my husband of 30 years and our beloved dogs on a stunning piece of acreage in the mountain foothills in our great southwest. I grow hundreds of succulent plants, sedum, cacti, and herbs here, and have been designing and creating succulent wreaths for a number of years. It is such a joy to be able to supplement our retirement income with something that brings me joy and fulfullment, and to bring beauty to others as well. Thank you so very much for visiting!

Phenomenal Value, 50 Colorful Succulents, Fully Rooted, Wonderful Wedding Favors, Party Favors

As Seen in Birds & Blooms and Phoenix Magazines, The Original Succulent Designs Living Succulent Centerpiece/Wreath XL

Featured in Birds & Blooms Magazine, A Colorful Assortment of 12 Gorgeous Succulents, Great For Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower

“If you’re having a succulent-themed wedding, I have packages available at discounted prices that can include wreaths or large dish garden plants, plants for favors, bouquets, corsages, boutinnieres, and if you have other ideas, let me know! I can also accomodate bridal or baby showers, corporate gifts, or just any special occasion. Drop me a convo, I’d love to meet you!”

Head on over to her shop if you are looking for something unique for your centerpieces and favors.