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Prue | The Daily Photo Project

Some of you already know her very well & some of you stalk her on facebook (it’s okay!  I’m not weirded out by that at all).  Prue (Prudence) is our almost 2 year old daughter.  She is already a fiesty & stubborn person (I wonder where she gets that from?).  She makes us laugh almost all the time & she is also really good at doing things that drive us crazy, but really what 2 year old doesn’t do that.  We’ve jokingly called her “the devil baby” since she was born but we love her just the way she is & wouldn’t change her one bit.

Drew started taking a photo every day of her on Jan 1st 2009 (he is very upset that he didn’t start this from the day she was born, but starting a little late is better then never, right?).  The first year it was a headshot like portrait.  A vertical shot with Prue’s face being the focus.  After she started walking (which was at 10 months) this became a little more difficult.  She doesn’t like to sit still for very long.  So this year there is much more freedom in the composition of the photo.  Drew posts her daily photos on his & her flickr accounts about once or twice a week (our families love to check in to see the latest photos).

I thought it would be fun to select some of my faves from the past few months.  Enjoy our little nugget who is becoming a big girl so quickly :)

Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

On the left is Prue getting ready to go to swim lesson at the Boy’s & Girl’s Club.  On the right is Prue dancing, she loves iCarly & if you are familiar with the show at the end of the opening credits they all lift up their shirts and rub their belly’s. She does it all the time when we are watching it.
Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

She was probably watching iCarly.  On the couch is Schelpp, her Auntie Mel has one too (a shout out to Jess is needed here).  He is a very special bear!Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

This was her first time going on one of those kiddie rides.  We were getting ice cream (one of my favorite things to do in the summer!)
Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

Yes she ate that entire slice of watermelon & yes her shirt was soaking wet.  There was no way we were going to get it away from her.

Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

She is really good at being dramatica! Auntie Alicia you have a little actress all ready for you :)Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

Practicing her swimming (thanks to Auntie Rose for the pool)Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

Yep she has heart shaped sunglasses, I am a little jealous that I don’t have them in my size.
Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

Can you even handle the shirt she is wearing on the right.  I found it at Target of all places.  I wasn’t looking to buy her any new clothes when we were there, but I mean really how could I pass it up.  For those of you that don’t know Drew & I are huge Madonna fans.  I now wish I bought that shirt in every size they had so she’d always be able to rock it.
Greater Boston Portrait Photographer Greater Boston Portrait Photographer

Prue “swimming” in her Pedine’s pool (Pedine is our englishized version of Godfather in portuguese.  That isn’t the way you spell it, but that’s how our family does.  Yes, I know I made up the word englishized, I like it though so too bad!)

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