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Engaged? Get a cool wedding website!

Our main site is designed through Showit.  They offer a great service where you can create a really great site all by yourself without having to understand all the in’s and out’s of html & flash.  What makes it really great is we can update our site whenever we want.  It took a little work initially to get it all set up, but now I can easily tweak it.  The also offer templates that you can use, but when I created our site, I didn’t use a template (silly me).  If you are looking for great website (remember it’s your first connection with your clients) I suggest checking out showit.  They make it super easy & are constantly coming up with new & cool things.

Anyway, they have offered these +sites for quite sometime, but we hadn’t had a reason to use it before.  After shooting Katie & Kevin’s engagement session I remembered how photographer Stephen Knuth (as well as many others) use +sites to create wedding sites for their clients.  I was able to easily start with a template and then tweak it to create a custom website for Katie & Kevin.

If you book an engagement session with us, you now get a personalized wedding site from us.  I know many wedding planning sites offering web sites to couples.  The problem with those is they aren’t well designed & they can be a pain to setup.  All you need to do is give us the information of how you met & the details for your wedding ceremony & reception.  I’ll put it all together with the amazing photos we take during your engagement session.  The other great thing is after the wedding we’ll update your site with a slideshow of your wedding images.  Showit also offers another great function where you can have your website on your Facebook profile.  All you need to do is have the Showit app installed.

Here is a screen shot of the site…but make sure you go check it out in person.  I am super excited to offer it to our couples!